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Who is this best for?

  • if you’re looking for a unique, responsive mattress with a different type of feel
  • all types of sleepers (particularly side)

Who won’t love it?

  • shoppers with a budget under $2,000
  • individuals who prefer traditional memory foam beds
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Purple is one of the hottest brands in the mattress space. Not only do their mattresses have a super unique construction, but they’re also extremely comfortable.

However, one of biggest concerns with the Original Purple Mattress was it perhaps didn’t offer enough support for individuals with a higher weight. The Purple Hybrid Premier aims to change that.

In this post, we will cover all the major details about this bed, including temperature regulation, motion transfer, edge support, and more.

Like most online mattress brands, Purple offers free shipping. With the Purple Hybrid Premier, however, because it’s an especially heavy mattress, they couldn’t ship the bed via FedEx like they do with the Original Purple.

Instead, the Purple Hybrid Premier comes with free white glove delivery, which essentially means a local delivery firm will bring it to your house and set it up for you.

This also ensures that you don’t throw your back out trying to set up your brand-new mattress. It’s probably a good move, but it’s going to be a little less convenient than FedEx.

Purple also offers free returns and a 100-night risk-free trial where you can test the bed for yourself. If you decide to keep it, that’s great. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

If you opt out of keeping the Purple Hybrid Premier — and you’re still within the 100-night trial period — you can return the bed for a full refund. They’ll even send someone to your house to pick up and remove the bed at no extra charge to you.

This is all standard for the industry, but it definitely makes it hard to not try out a new bed.

Like the Purple Hybrid, the Purple Hybrid Premier uses 7.5-inch pocketed coils as its main support system. Essentially, Purple took out the polyurethane support foam from the Original Purple Mattress and replaced it with individually encased coils.

The idea here is that the coils will provide greater support, improved air flow, and increase the useful life of the mattress. The latter two points are in theory, but there’s no doubt that the coils grant the bed a lot more support than did the polyurethane foam.

On top of the coils is a 1/2-inch layer of polyurethane foam, which acts as a transition layer. While the coils are new, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material is really the star of the show. After all, that’s where Purple gets its name.

The top purple layer is the Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It’s like gel, but it’s not actually gel. It offers notably great pressure relief, but it still provides plenty of support. It really has an interesting feel, but we’re big fans of it.

Below is a GIF that shows at a small scale what the Hyper-Elastic Polymer is like.

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Hyper-Elastic Polymer material inside Purple Hybrid Premier

As you might have guessed, the Purple Hybrid Premier uses 4 inches of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. That means it has twice the thickness of the layer on the Original Purple and Purple Hybrid.

The reason Purple is offering a model with such a thick slab of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is that they’re trying to accommodate individuals with a higher weight (over 240 pounds).

A 2-inch layer just simply might not be thick enough for an individual at a higher weight. A thicker layer also means you’ll have a more immersive experience with the polymer material.

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We really like the feel of the Purple Hybrid Premier

As you can see above, Purple also added a polyurethane foam perimeter to help with edge support. As you get near the edge, you can actually feel yourself transition from the polymer material to the foam material.

Overall, this was a nice upgrade by Purple. The edge support with the new Purple mattresses is better than the original. Bringing the mattress together is a soft knit, removable cover.

Like most mattresses, the company recommends you do not machine wash the cover. Instead, if you happen to get it dirty, you should just spot clean it with a mild detergent.

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Let me just preface this section by saying that not everyone will love the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. It has a very unique feel, unlike anything else on the market. However, with that said, we are huge fans of it.

We love the feel of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer (and the majority of other people must like it too or else the company wouldn’t be doing as well as it is). It’s super soft, flexible, and responsive.

It sort of feels like a gel substance, but it’s not actually gel. The bed has a really nice balance between support, comfort, and pressure relief. It conforms to your body around your shoulders but still keeps its shape around your hips where you don’t want too much sag.

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We really like the feel of the Purple Hybrid Premier.

The Purple Hybrid Premier mattress, though, has a little bit different of a feel than the other Purple mattresses due to the thickness of the Hyper-Elastic material.

With the Purple Hybrid Premier, you’ll get more of a floating experience. It literally feels like you’re just floating on top of that polymer material.

I will warn you, though, when you first lie down on the bed, you can sort of feel yourself moving and compressing the little polymer squares.

It might be a little weird at first, but after you spend a couple of nights on the mattress, you really start liking the feel of it — so much so that you sort of start to crave the feeling.

We kept saying that the Purple Hybrid Premier is a mattress that you’ll actually look forward to sleeping on and you’ll never want to get up.

Overall, given the unique feel of the bed, it’s a little tough to rate its firmness, but if pressed, we’d put it in the medium category. It’s soft but not too soft to where you just sink right in.

It offers a good amount of support; there’s pretty much no sinkage.

Keep in mind, though, that Jeff and Matt weigh around 170 to 180 pounds. Someone who’s at a little higher weight might think it’s on the softer side, while a person with lesser weight might think it’s on the firmer side of the spectrum.

Purple claims the Hybrid Premier is the softest of the three new mattress models due to that floating feel, but, honestly, we think this bed is great for all kinds of sleepers.

The Purple Hybrid Premier offers a ton of pressure relief for side sleepers while still providing the necessary support for back and stomach sleepers. That speaks to the unique properties of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material.

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We think the Purple Hybrid Premier is great for all kinds of sleepers.

Also, as we mentioned above, we think the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is a great option for individuals with a higher weight. Having the coils and the extra 2 inches of polymer make a difference.

We also think it’s going be quite durable over the long haul.

Payne Train, our video production guy, weighs about 230 pounds, and when he lay on his back, there was barely any sinkage around his hips and trunk. It was pretty impressive.

He said he felt like had had plenty of support under his lower back. That means this bed has high-point elasticity, meaning when you apply pressure on the bed, the surrounding areas are not affected (i.e., his hips don’t affect the support under his lower back).

Even though the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is not cool to the touch, this is an area where the Purple mattress excels. First, it’s important to note that Hyper-Elastic Polymer is just a naturally cooler material than foam. That’s one thing.

The second is that it’s organized in a grid formation. This creates squares and columns in the top layer of the mattress for air to flow more freely. Again, another advantage over foam.

Last, the Purple Hybrid Premier incorporates coils, which once again promotes more airflow over traditional support foams. All this translates to a cool sleeping mattress.

This bed breathes extremely well. In fact, when you press down on the mattress, you can actually feel the air flow through your fingers. Here, check out Jeff demonstrating just that:

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Jeff feeling the flow (air flow that is)

All in all, we think Purple is one of the best mattresses available in terms of temperature regulation and airflow. If you’re a hot sleeper, it’s going to be tough to beat the new Purple mattresses all things considered.

In terms of limiting motion transfer, the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress performs well, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s elite.

In our test, we placed a half-full glass of water on one end of the bed and then started rolling/walking around on the other end. We noticed the water in the glass moved a little but not so much that you should be concerned.

Typically, all-foam beds perform a little better than hybrid beds in this regard because of the lack of bounce so considering the Purple Hybrid Premier incorporates coils as well as a unique top layer, I can’t say I’m surprised at the results.

Still, I don’t think you’ll have any major issues with the Purple Hybrid Premier. It does a good enough job of deadening movement to where you won’t bother your partner too much if you happen to toss and turn or get up a lot during the middle of the night.

Purple specifically looked at edge support in the design of their new mattresses and, as I mentioned above, they actually added an outer ring of foam around the bed to act somewhat like a bumper so that you don’t get a “roll off” sensation near the edges.

Edge support isn’t something that you’d necessarily know to think of when looking for a new bed, but it can be really important to couples who are sleeping on a smaller mattress such as a queen or full.

The additional edge support on the Purple Hybrid Premier ends up being a nice upgrade. You still feel supported around the perimeter of the bed, and you don’t feel like you’re going to roll right off of it.

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Good edge support with the Purple Hybrid Premier

You probably get it by now — Hyper-Elastic Polymer is very responsive. In fact, it’s so immediate that you won’t have trouble switching positions at night.

Yes, the bed offers pressure relief, but you won’t end up stuck in the mattress like you will with older memory foam beds.

With some of these older foam mattresses, you’ll find it requires a little extra effort to switch between sleeping positions, possibly making you more restless throughout the night.

That’s not the case with the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress due to the responsive top layer and the extra bounce the coils provide.

Purple almost never offers proper discount codes on their beds. They often do, however, run specials that bundle accessories in with your purchase of a mattress.

You can check here for current Purple promotions and specials.

Below is a pricing breakdown for the Purple Hybrid Premier. You’ve been warned… this bed is not for individuals on a limited budget.

Twin XL$1,999
Cal King$2,799
Spit King$3,998

Prices valid as of September 17, 2020

As good as this mattress is probably going to be, the price is going to be a deterrent for some people.

We love the feel of this bed. That floating experience you get with 4 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is unlike anything else you’ll get in the mattress industry. However, we realize not everyone will feel the same way… so maybe just give it a try first. Purple does offer a 100-night trial period.

It also doesn’t hurt that the bed performs well in pretty much all other categories, especially temperature regulation. The one area that does hurt, though, is price. It’s an expensive bed — no getting around that.

How Heavy Is the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress?

Weights range from 105 pounds for a Twin XL to 203 pounds for a King. So in other words, it’s heavy.

What Bed Frame or Platform Can You Put the Purple Hybrid Premier On?

Most sturdy, rigid bed frames will work with the Purple Hybrid Premier, assuming they can manage the weight.

Additionally, as you’d expect, the Purple Hybrid Premier will work with the Purple Platform Base or Purple PowerBase, which is an adjustable base.

To Where Does Purple Offer Free Shipping?

They offer free shipping inside the contiguous 48 states within the United States. They charge an additional fee to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

How Does the Purple Hybrid Premier Compare to Purple 3 and Purple 2?

Purple 3 and Purple 2 have 3-inch and 2-inch, respectively, of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This, of course, affects the weight, thickness, price, and feel of the mattress, but for the most part, the difference is the thickness of the top layer.

What Kind of Sheets or Mattress Protector Should You Use with the Purple Hybrid Premier?

Purple does sell their own sheets, but in reality, you don’t need anything special with the Purple Hybrid Premier. Just make sure the sheets are super stretchy because they’ll need to fit around a fairly thick, burly mattress.

Also, you might want to opt for a thinner mattress protector if you get one. A thick mattress protector might affect how the bed feels to you.

How Do I Clean the Purple Hybrid Premier?

Like most online beds, you’ll want to spot clean the Purple Hybrid Premier. The cover is not machine washable, unfortunately; however, it is removable.

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