• Stress can trigger psoriasis, but meditation can help you reduce stress.
  • Meditation can actually help reduce symptoms of psoriasis and reduce the frequency of flares.
  • Mindfulness can help you manage anxiety and promote calmness.
  • There are plenty of free guided meditations online to help you get started.

Have you considered trying complementary therapy, such as meditation, to help manage psoriasis? You’re not alone. Research shows that anywhere from about 35 to 51 percent of people with psoriasis have tried some type of alternative therapy for psoriasis management.

There is scientific evidence that complementary therapies can help relieve psoriasis symptoms. Flares often arise in response to stress. Meditation in particular can help you reduce stress and achieve a more positive outlook.

Mindfulness techniques can also help with the long-term management of tension and anxiety, leading to greater overall feelings of calm. Meditation is an easy practice to start, with instructional videos readily available online.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, and there’s an established connection between stress and inflammation. Meditation is one way to invoke your body’s relaxation response. This helps reduce the fight-or-flight reaction that stressful events tend to trigger.

As a result, meditation can help psoriasis by:

  • reducing the frequency of psoriasis flare-ups
  • reducing the severity of psoriasis itch
  • improving a sense of well-being so it’s easier to handle social challenges like the stigma that often accompanies psoriasis
  • reducing the need to alleviate stress in other ways like unhealthy eating, so it’s easier to follow a diet that supports psoriasis management
  • reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, which many people with psoriasis experience
  • improving motivation to continue with psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis is a lifelong condition, where symptoms may go away for a long period of time and then come back. Many people with psoriasis benefit from practices like meditation that they can use to manage their condition for the long-haul.

There is some clinical data that shows meditation is effective at reducing symptoms of psoriasis. Many of the studies are small, but they demonstrate tangible results.

In 2018 JAMA Dermatology published a review of studies that looked at the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine therapies for psoriasis. It found that therapies like meditation and acupuncture, as well as changes in diet and consumption of fish oil, curcumin, and indigo naturalis all helped people with psoriasis.

Specifically, the JAMA review included three studies that were single-blind, randomly controlled trials of meditation and guided imagery for people with psoriasis. Findings confirmed that these techniques were moderately effective.

Some specific studies offer more intriguing results. A 1998 study compared the rate of skin clearance in people with moderate to severe psoriasis who listened to a guided meditation while undergoing phototherapy or photochemotherapy treatment to those who received the treatment alone. Those who listened to the meditation had a much faster rate of skin clearance.

An even older 1989 study found that either meditation alone or a combination of meditation and guided imagery helped achieve clinical improvement in psoriasis symptoms. This study was small, involving only 18 subjects in total, four of whom acted as a control. The study found no significant difference between the group who used meditation alone and those who used meditation along with guided imagery.

That said, meditation alone cannot treat psoriasis. It’s important to also stick with your psoriasis treatment plan.

Meditation is a personal endeavor. Choose any style of meditation that works best for you.

Often the best place to start is by searching for examples online. There are many teachers who post free guided meditations. By listening to these meditations, you may begin to achieve a sense of calm and reduce stress levels. That in turn can help make your journey with psoriasis a bit more manageable.

Here are a few meditation videos to check out:

Great Meditation: A 10-Minute Guided Meditation to Clear Your Mind

This short video focuses on breathwork to stay in the moment and eliminate distracting thoughts.

Boho Beautiful Yoga: 15-Minute Guided Meditation to Find Peace in Uncertain Times

This video targets anxiety and stress by guiding listeners to their inner self.

Daily Calm: 10-Minute Mindfulness Meditation: Be Present

This video enhances mindfulness by helping listeners to connect to the now.

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory condition. Many people with psoriasis also deal with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Psoriasis can even take a toll on your social life. And all of this stress can worsen psoriasis symptoms or bring on new flares.

Studies have demonstrated that practicing meditation can help you reduce psoriasis flares and maintain a positive outlook.