Being a part of this incredible community for the last week was such an honor!

It’s clear to me that all of you are doing the very best you possibly can to manage psoriasis and all of the emotional and physical struggles that come with it. I am humbled to have been a part of that powerful journey, even if just for a week.

I thought it would be fun to share 10 things I learned from my experience with you:

  1. There are thousands of people, just like me, who are
    going through the same psoriasis challenges I’ve been through.
  2. We all long for community, and coming together (even
    virtually) is incredibly helpful when struggling with something.
  3. We all have different perspectives! The things that
    have helped one person with psoriasis don’t work for everyone.
  4. Humor is so
    appreciated. I think when things are hard in our lives, we sometimes forget to laugh. So posting a funny article
    created a lot of great engagement with all of you, and I think we all needed
  5. Psoriasis doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter where
    you come from, what you weigh, or how much money you have in your bank account.
    Psoriasis can happen to anyone!
  6. The self-love tips I share with people are incredibly
    helpful when our bodies aren’t showing up the way we think they “should.”
  7. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to be there for
    someone. Even a simple “like” or comment can make a big difference in someone’s
  8. The dating with psoriasis conversation showed me that
    you’ve gone through the same battles that I have my entire life when trying to
    date. It was honestly comforting for me to
  9. There are loads of resources for us out there. We just
    have to be willing to look for them even a little and get the help we so crave.
  10. I have a lot of love to give, and the people I desire to love the most are those
    who’ve been through physical challenges such as psoriasis. I know how hard it
    can be, and I am here to help anytime.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of this journey with you! If you didn’t get a chance to do so already, be sure to download my guide on 5 Ways to Love Yourself When You Have Psoriasis for additional support.

Nitika Chopra is a beauty and lifestyle expert committed to spreading the power of self-care and the message of self-love. Living with psoriasis, she’s also the host of the “Naturally Beautiful” talk show. Connect with her on her website, Twitter, or Instagram.