We all know planning a wedding can be stressful all the way up to your walk down the aisle. And who loves stress? Your psoriasis!

Fortunately, I was okay on my big day, but I know many women with psoriasis who struggled with flares in the days leading up to or on their big day.

Cross stress off the guest list with these tips.

Most brides order their wedding gowns several months in advance. But there is no way to predict how your skin will look on the day of your wedding.

If you do have a flare, your photographer can help minimize your spots during the editing process. Your marriage will only last as long as you are alive. Your photos will live on after you.

You deserve to feel beautiful on your big day. Even if you have spots that day, everyone’s focus will be on your beaming smile and the light in your eyes!

Just like your bride, you deserve to enjoy this day. Forget your flakes and carry on.

If you must, hand your best man a lint roller to help you at photo time. Again, your photographer can get rid of any evidence of flakes in the editing room.

Chances are, no one else will notice or remember how your skin looked that day. They are going to remember your first dance and how you two could not take your eyes off each other.

Stretch deadlines out. There is no need to rush. Saving too much work for the weeks leading up to your wedding will only result in stress, regret, and spots. Everything will work out, as it usually does.

I’m not fond of tropical vacations. They’re beautiful, but my medications make it hard for me to tolerate heat. Before leaving for our Caribbean cruise, I asked my doctor for tips on being able to enjoy being outdoors for longer periods of time.

Sometimes this will mean changing your medication or dosing regimen. Other times, it will mean heading to the spa while others go on a rafting expedition.

For me, vacation is about balance. I travel with a strong sunscreen and a parasol. I look for a beach lounge with an umbrella and stay close to the pool or ocean. Frequent dips in the water help level my body temperature, and the salt water is good for my skin.

Once, when we went to a trolley tour in Key West, we bought cups of ice for me to massage my exposed skin. If I can’t take any more sun, I may head back to the ship before the rest of my party is ready.

This is true even in the days leading up to your wedding and on your honeymoon. Lack of sleep will negatively affect your health and increase your stress level.

In addition to a strong sunscreen, I always pack calming essential oils, a pillow, soft leggings, gym clothes, a baseball cap, and wide-brimmed sunhat. I have meditation apps on my phone, so no matter where I am, I can feel at home.

If you want to visit the spa before your big day, do it! But a word to the wise: Many face and body treatments might irritate the skin at first. Be sure to leave at least one week between your spa day and your wedding day. You don’t want to show up looking like “a pizza pie with no cheese” (quote courtesy of the “Real Housewives of New York”).

Your wedding party is not just there for moral support. They can help you with any extra details you need. Reach out and lean on them. They will feel honored by your trust.

Lori-Ann Holbrook lives with her husband in Dallas, Texas. She is a psoriasis advocate, and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.