moderate to severe psoriatic arthritis

How easy life would be if there were just one way to control psoriasis and its symptoms.

While this may be wishful thinking, it’s comforting to know that numerous treatment and management options are available for those living with this autoimmune disease. Just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should give up hope.

We reached out to our Living with Psoriasis Facebook community to discover what’s working for them. A look at their varied suggestions might make you optimistic about finding a solution that will work for you.

“Moisturizer, medicated creams, [biologics], and I pray instead of stressing about things in life.”

— Tina Marie Fraterrigo-Ivy

“When I went on a diet to lose weight, I found that my change in diet made a remarkably positive impact on my psoriasis! I now firmly believe that what you eat and drink definitely does impact psoriasis.”

— Clare Alley

“Omega-3 foods did wonders to my skin and overall health.”

— Deborah Rabot-Riker

“Coconut oil has been a godsend for me, especially since we live in a cold climate where it is hard to keep your skin moisturized.”

— Yvonne Keith-Arsenault

“I’ve got it almost completely in remission after one month using (nightly) a blend of one to two drops each of chamomile, bergamot, and lavender essential oils, mixed with coconut oil.”

— Cheryl Hutchinson

“Lotion with organic coconut oil.”

— Brenda Patterson

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