Everyone’s experience with psoriasis is different. But at some point, all of us have likely felt defeated and alone because of the way psoriasis makes us look and feel.

When you’re feeling down, give yourself some encouragement and seek out emotional support in any way you can. Consider the following five affirmations to boost your confidence and improve your well-being.

For me, hating on psoriasis used to mean hating on my body because it’s where the psoriasis lives and shows up. Since becoming a mom, my mindset about my body has changed completely.

I remind myself that my body is strong. I’m amazed with what it’s capable of doing.Thinking this way doesn’t change the fact that I still have psoriasis to deal with, but it shifts the focus. Rather than thinking of my body in a negative light, I can see it as something that I want to celebrate.

When you’re feeling down about a flare, talk to your psoriasis people. They can be your go-to friends who you talk to about your psoriasis, or friends in the psoriasis community who also know what you’re going through.

Finding and connecting with others living with psoriasis has made having this disease so much more manageable than when I was first diagnosed. The genuine sense of togetherness and support can help lift up a miserable, flare-filled day.

Often, our brains will automatically seek out and focus on the negative aspects of a situation rather than the positives. We can counter this by actively choosing to be happy.

You can also take it a step further and remind yourself of that choice by wearing something that makes you happy. It can be a bright yellow scarf, your favorite tie, or even your power lipstick. Whatever it is, put on something that can visually prompt you of your choice toward happiness.

This is a positive way of focusing only on the things that you have control over. We have no control over the fact that we have psoriasis, but we can control how we react to it and treat it. Embracing a new mentality can release the power that psoriasis has on our emotions.

While this isn’t exactly an affirmation, this is still about making a change. The only difference is that the change is to your physical location.

Take a break from focusing on your flare, and go out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be far or fast, but it gets your endorphins flowing. Plus, the change of scenery will be good for your mindset.

Psoriasis is a daily challenge, but incorporating positive affirmations into your everyday routine can be an emotional asset to your overall well-being. These are just some to get you started, but you should choose and create the ones that feel the best for you.

Joni Kazantzis is the creator and blogger for justagirlwithspots.com, an award-winning psoriasis blog dedicated to creating awareness, educating about the disease, and sharing personal stories of her 19+ year journey with psoriasis. Her mission is to create a sense of community and to share information that can help her readers cope with the day-to-day challenges of living with psoriasis. She believes that with as much information as possible, people with psoriasis can be empowered to live their best life and make the right treatment choices for their life.