Psoriasis is unpredictable. I’ll start a new treatment, and start to feel optimistic that I’ve finally found a way to manage my skin...

And then I’ll have a flare-up.

This flare-up kicks off a rollercoaster of emotions that only one of the most famous people in the world can understand: Kim Kardashian. She’s not the only celebrity with psoriasis, but she does have the best reactions.

When the flare-up first starts

When you’re waiting for your steroid creams to dry

When you catch people walking by you on the street staring at the psoriasis patches on your face

When you have to go to your dermatologist for another cortisone shot

When your dermatologist suggests that you start eating healthier

When someone you barely know suggests a random home remedy… then admits they don’t understand what psoriasis is

When you know that stress gives you flare-ups but your flare-ups make you stressed

When someone wants you to give them the full explanation of what psoriasis is

When your doctor tells you about a new treatment

And the new treatment works! …until it doesn’t, and we’re back at the beginning of this emotional rollercoaster again.

Emily Gadd is a writer and editor who lives in San Francisco. She spends her spare time listening to music, watching movies, wasting her life on the internet, and going to concerts. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.