A twin pregnancy may not be twice the fun. But because you’ll need double the baby stuff, it’s worth double the celebration! Multiple births are on the rise, so if you haven’t yet been part of a shower for twins, there’s a good chance you will be soon.

If you’re expecting twins, or are planning a shower for a friend who is, here are some ideas to make your baby shower twice as meaningful.

Twin baby shower themes

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Choosing a great theme for your shower will make it easy to coordinate decorations, food, and activities. You can opt for a shower theme centered around twins. Below are some examples.

If you’re not finding out your babies’ genders, go gender-neutral with a “two peas in a pod” theme. You can find premade decorations specifically for this theme. But if you’re crafty, there are plenty of ways to make your party unique. For example, wrap two green jelly beans in green tissue paper for a cute twin-themed favor.

Another gender-neutral theme that’s great for twins is “Noah’s Ark,” because the animals came in two by two. This is another popular theme that has plenty of premade decorations, but you don’t need a lot of skill to personalize this theme. Just get two matching bags of small plastic animals. You can use matching pairs of animals as cupcake toppers, place setting decorations, or wherever you feel inspired.

Another idea for a twin-themed shower is “thing one and thing two.” You can keep the Dr. Seuss red and blue colors. Or, if you’re having boy-girl twins, you could switch the colors to pink and blue.

You can also take any traditional baby shower theme and double it to create your own twin theme. For example, “two monkeys,” “double safari,” or “twin ducks.”

Use your theme as inspiration for decorations, color scheme, and games to give your shower a cohesive feeling. For example, include lots of umbrellas in your decorations for an “it’s raining babies” theme, and use red and blue for a “thing one and thing two” theme.

Twin gender reveal

If you’re planning a gender reveal at the shower, expecting twins can make a gender reveal even more special.

A boy-girl reveal gives you lots of space for creativity, such as a pink and blue checkerboard cake, or mixed colors of balloons. You can also extend the anticipation by having two different gender reveals, one for each baby.

Twin baby shower games

You can easily adjust any traditional baby shower game to make it more fun for twins. For example, instead of having guests write down name suggestion ideas, have them write twin name suggestions, with each guest choosing two names that they think go together.

Another game that easily adjusts to twins is “diaper race,” where guests compete to see who can change a diaper on a doll the fastest. To give it a twin theme, have guests change two doll diapers at once!

Or play “my water broke” by freezing plastic babies in blocks of ice. Each guest gets one block of ice, and the first guest whose baby melts wins a prize. For your twin shower, freeze two babies in each block instead of one.

For games that traditionally involve one prize, use two prizes for your twin theme. For example, hide a plastic baby inside two different cupcakes. The guests who eat the cupcakes with the babies inside each win a small prize.

Twin baby shower decorations

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Your theme will shape your decorations, but even without an elaborate theme, you can double up on decorations to give any shower a twin feel. For example, for a “two monkeys” theme, just get double of any monkey-themed decorations: two cake toppers, two monkey cut-outs, and two monkeys at every place setting.

Twin baby shower activities

Your theme will shape your twin shower activities, but no matter what theme you choose, doubling up will make a great twin-themed event. For example, set up a station with blank wooden blocks and sharpie markers, and invite guests to decorate the blocks with alphabet letters. Then, set up a second matching station, so you’ll have a set of blocks for each baby. You can do the same thing with notes to baby for two meaningful baby books.

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Bottom line

Planning a twin baby shower doesn’t have to be double the work. With just a little adjusting, you can use all of the same games and decorations you’d choose for a singleton shower in a twin shower. But by tweaking your activities to give them a twin theme, your twin baby shower will be twice the fun. 

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