A “sip and see” is a party where friends and family members can come over and meet a new baby for the first time.

Sip and see parties have been popular in some parts of the country for a long time. In recent years, they’ve become a more common way for friends, family, and neighbors to meet the new bundle of joy.

This is a great event to host for a mother expecting baby number two, three, four, or more. Every new baby deserves to be celebrated!

From casual to elaborate, there are several creative ways to throw a sip and see party. Step one is to pick a theme.

Theme Ideas

1. Sea Breeze

Image source: Stylist: Anders Ruff, Photo: Becca Bond Photography

What’s not to love about a sea breeze theme? It’s gender-neutral, so it allows the host to plan in advance. This works out well if you don’t know the baby’s gender before the birth.

This party idea combines beautiful sea-inspired colors and décor, plus it takes place at the beach. It’s a great sip and sea concept for spring and summer babies.

2. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

This out-of-this-world star theme is perfect for any baby or mama. It’s a fun one to put together. With the focus on stars and clouds, this theme can be bold, or you can keep it simple.

For a sip and see party for twins, you can do a play on the words “TWIN-kle TWIN-kle, Little Star” for a fun twist.

3. Flamingo Party

This flamingo-themed sip and see party is a gorgeous, stylish way to celebrate a new baby girl.

4. Floral Party

Spring and summer are great seasons for floral-themed sip and see parties.

The blogger behind A Lovely Design hosted a beautiful floral sip and see.

5. Puzzle or Missing Piece

Hosting a puzzle or missing piece party is a great way to celebrate a growing family. It’s also great idea for welcoming a new baby who was adopted.

6. Vintage Soiree

Vintage-themed parties are definitely a popular choice for a sip and see. It’s a beautiful theme with endless possibilities.

7. Nautical

Hosting a nautical theme sip and see would work well for a new baby boy. Purchasing striped fabrics and anchors is fairly easy. It’s also a bold, memorable theme that’s sure to please guests.


Invitations set the tone for any party. A sip and see is no exception. With so many options on Etsy, Minted, and other great sites, you can’t go wrong. You can always find something that fits your theme, color palette, or idea.

This gorgeous invitation features a champagne flute and faux gold foil calligraphy. It sets the tone for the perfect party celebrating mama and the new baby.

It would be perfect with a simple pink and gold sip and see party theme like this one on 100 Layer Cakelet.

This flamingo invitation has a matching sign that would bring a party together flawlessly.


Blogger Chris from Celebrations at Home hosted a sip and see for a neighbor where the menu was all brunch foods.

Midmorning is a great time of day for most new moms and babies. For food and beverages, go with a brunch menu.

Serve the following:

  • donuts
  • muffins
  • quiche
  • fruit
  • mimosas
  • coffee

Appetizers and dessert are always a good choice, too. And if you want to keep it very simple, host a coffee, tea, and dessert sip and see.

For a festive afternoon or early evening party, serve cupcakes and champagne.


The new mama is no longer pregnant, so setting up a cocktail or champagne bar would be fun. Offering a nonalcoholic sparkling punch would be delicious, too.

This storybook-themed sip and see from Fawn Over Baby features a beautiful mimosa bar. It includes fresh fruit and four flavors of juice.

Extra Touches

A personalized cake topper would add a special touch to any cake. You could add the child’s name to personalize it. The new mom can take the cake topper home as a special souvenir of this fun day.

Have a welcome sign made with baby’s name for even more personalization. This sign could be a nice piece of art to add to baby’s room.

The Takeaway

A sip and see is a great opportunity to get together and enjoy a special time celebrating a new life. You can get as creative as you want, or keep it simple.

Either way works well, because it’s really all about celebrating the new baby.