If you are experiencing PPROM, your doctor will probably recommend antibiotics before delivery in order to reduce the risk of:

  • early delivery-women who receive antibiotics stay pregnant longer;
  • infection in your uterus both before (chorioamnionitis) and after (endometritis) delivery;
  • infection in your newborn baby; and
  • respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) and bleeding in the brain (intracranial hemorrhage, or ICH) in your baby.

While most experts agree that a woman with premature rupture of membranes should be given antibiotics, opinions vary as to how long she should continue taking them and what medication to use. The majority of studies so far have involved women who use antibiotics for seven days. There is very little research on the effects of antibiotics on women who take them longer. In general, using antibiotics increases the chances that bacteria resistant to the antibiotics may emerge and infect the baby. Whether this risk is greater than the possible benefit of prolonged use of antibiotics is unknown. Currently, most experts recommend that antibiotics be stopped after one week if a woman has not yet delivered.