1. YAY: You can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty because the morning sickness will take care of any extra calories you ingest.

eat all you want

2. NAY: People expect you to glow as much as the Christmas tree.

3. YAY: New family game: When something sticks out of your stomach, people get to guess if it’s a foot, an elbow, or a turkey leg.

4. NAY: You can’t drink alcohol until your relatives become funny.

5. YAY: You can freak out everybody by standing over a kid’s spilled drink and pretending your water broke.

6. NAY: People think you're the only one fat enough to play Santa this year.

7. YAY: Getting big boobs.

8. NAY: Uncle Jim ogling your big boobs.

9. YAY: You can play the pregnant card. The only person that can beat you at this game is grandma with her “I’ve lived through a war, 12 kids, and your grandpa” card.

10. NAY: Your grandma thinks her ugly gift really touched your heart, but your tears are actually because you just saw your nephew eat the last mini quiche.

11. YAY: It’s nice to freak out your spouse by suggesting Thanksgiving-inspired baby names such as "Yam," "Giblets," or “Gratitude.”

12. YAY: Once you sit down, you get to declare the couch “pregnant territory” and defend it by throwing cranberry sauce at whomever dares approach you.

13. NAY: You have to fake laugh at all the inappropriate “stuffing,” “bun in the oven,” and “you’re about to pop” jokes.

14. YAY: None of the stupid ugly holiday sweaters fit.

15. NAY: You’re automatically the Virgin Mary in every living manger.

16. YAY: You get twice the amount of gifts you usually receive.

17. NAY: You have to go exchange twice the amount of gifts you usually receive.