For many, feeling blissfully #bodypositive throughout your entire pregnancy can be challenging. There are massive changes that your body experiences ranging from hormonal shifts to weight gain to skin breakouts. Exercising when you’re pregnant is one of the best ways to stay strong, both physically and mentally.

Of course, how you choose to work out while growing a baby is different for every woman. For Nkateko Maswanganye, it’s all about dance. The mom-to-be — who also happens to be a choreographer and fitness instructor — has been dancing her way from trimester to trimester. She recently posted a video of herself on a treadmill, sporting a maternity glow and some smooth moves — all set to the grooves of “Knack Am” by Yemi Alade.

And got lots of love from moms and others all over the internet:

So, just who is this radiant mama? Nkateko is a South African dancer who goes by the nickname ‘Takkies.’ Her Instagram account is bursting with feel-good dance videos, selfies, and inspiring quotes for other pregnant women.

“I want women to be confident in their own skin, to be brave enough to take risks that will take them to the next level,” she wrote alongside one workout video. “As women we are strong and we can do anything we put our mind to. Trust yourself and most importantly #DoYou.”

Nkateko’s active lifestyle and self-confident photos are an inspiration to women striving to make smart, safe choices for themselves and their babies. She proves that whether it’s jogging, yoga, or hip-hop, working out during your pregnancy can be both healthful and joyful.

Cardio for moms-to-be

Dancing is a wonderful form of cardio that burns calories and boosts happiness-inducing endorphins. It can alleviate back pain, reduce bloating, stave off unnecessary extra weight, and help you sleep better.

If dancing isn’t your thing and you’re looking for ideas on how to stay fit during your pregnancy, apps like Pregnancy Workout Today and Pregnant and FIT! can help.

Of course, with any cardio or exercise, expectant women should always focus on safety first. Stop if you feel dehydrated, too hot, or have any vaginal discharge, bleeding, or abdominal or pelvic pain.