Show Us Your C-Section Tattoos!

Written by Kareem Yasin on May 24, 2016
C-Section Scars

Every year, about 1.3 million women in the United States have cesarean deliveries, or C-sections. They account for over 32 percent of all births. A C-section is major surgery, and like any major surgery, it leaves a scar.

Many women choose to mask their scars with beautiful tattoos, designs that both celebrate a new addition to the family and bring a bit of creativity and style to an otherwise routine-looking scar.

Do you have a C-section tattoo? Share it to inspire others or simply express your creativity! Email us a clear photo of your tattoo, along with 1) a note about why you got it or love it, 2) your name, and 3) the words “C-section tattoo” in the email subject line.

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