Pregnancy is filled with amazing moments, like sharing the news with your family and watching your body change as the baby grows. It’s also filled with many trials that can change nearly every aspect of daily life, like late night cravings and frequent trips to the bathroom.

Luckily, you’re not alone. Approximately 3,977,745 babies were born in the United States in 2015, and families have been documenting every aspect of their experiences online. They discuss navigating changing relationships, establishing new routines, working around a constantly changing body, and more. It can be hard to find the best videos, so we’ve rounded them up for you!

You may have a growing baby bump, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in. From Head to Toe‘s Jen met up with Blogilates trainer Cassie to learn this quick routine, which targets your upper and lower body and requires no equipment. Cassie guides you through a toning, baby-safe workout that you can adjust to keep you challenged and in shape. Miss exercising with friends? Get going by yourself or grab a bestie, and follow this video to get moving.

When you’re pregnant, every day brings new and unique obstacles. The perfect combination of pillows is all too elusive. Hugging friends quickly devolves into awkward belly rubbing. You’ve got questions that not even Google can accurately answer, like “Will my feet stay bigger forever?” The struggle is real and every pregnant woman can relate to this humorous BuzzFeedYellow original short.

No matter the circumstances, bringing a baby into the world is sure to change yours. This is all too true for Jayleen, whose unexpected pregnancy put her degree and water-skiing on hold, but it isn’t keeping her from achieving her dreams. This single mom’s transition from pregnant student to mom humbled her heart and taught her patience. What was your life like before and after baby?

This joyful compilation shares an exciting moment for all expecting parents: sharing the news with each other, family, and friends. Watch for clever ideas like putting a literal bun in the oven, and the hilariously genuine reactions.

Best known for her commercials as the Orbit Gum girl, model/actress Farris Patton chronicles how her body changes over nine months of pregnancy in this expertly done time-lapse compilation. If you’re thinking of making your own video, take a tip from Farris: Wear the same outfit, stand in a sunny spot, and take it from a few angles.

Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows about unhealthy cravings, and probably has indulged every now and then. “Jersey Shore” star Jenni Farley traded in her shot glasses for cookie sheets and now shares a great range of tips on her transition to motherhood. While we wouldn’t recommend trying her pizza recipes (think “Buffalo Chicken and Pickles” and “Nutella Twix”), watching her make them is sure to entertain!

Pregnancy is often portrayed as a beautiful experience, which it is, but as Neema Isa points out, we often gloss over the difficult details. In her TEDx Talk, Neema talks about how pregnancy was actually the deepest, darkest period of her life. Her severe morning sickness, called hyperemesis gravidarum, isn’t typical, but for her, it was debilitating. Her story is not only honest, but inspiring for those going through a rough pregnancy or supporting someone who is.

The Shocklees, a family of four, changed the lyrics of Megan Trainor’s “Lips Are Movin'” to announce the birth of their third child, and then choreographed a cute car dance to match. You’ve got to love the backseat dance moves from daughters Joy and Grace.

It’s uncomfortable, it’s not fun, and it’s more common than you think. Queer Mama‘s candid comments and funny skits will make you laugh while you learn how to combat constipation. Her top three tips are: eat lots of fiber, drink lots of water, and get some exercise!

As this clip from Story of This Life shows, pregnant bodies disregard what’s socially acceptable. From awkward moments at the supermarket to limited visibility of your feet, to “lost” keys that turn up in the refrigerator, anything can happen. But after all the drama and discomfort, many moms find themselves saying “Can we have another one?” once it’s all over.

You’re in this together. Taking a big belly selfie to send to grandma, using your belly for extra table space, watching birthing videos that leave you slightly horrified, forcing each other to eat ungodly combinations of food, and figuring out a name. Do you think anyone is ever really ready? Yes or no, you have nine months to get ready together.

Hilary from My So-Called Home is expecting baby number two. In this video, she’s just days away from giving birth. First-time moms will appreciate her detailed explanation of what she learned from her first delivery and why she’s packed each item in her bag.

Assemble the pillows and towels, it’s time for baby bump yoga! Staying active while pregnant is challenging: Your routines are disrupted, your movements are limited, and your energy can be low. But that doesn’t have to stop you from actively connecting with your body, and baby, during this special time. “What to Expect While You’re Expecting” author Heidi Murkoff presents a relaxing 30-minute yoga session from BeFIT that emphasizes thoughtful breath and conscious movement to get you moving and connect with your baby.