Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but it can bring its share of aches and pains. Prenatal yoga can be an effective and enjoyable way to address symptoms like lower back pain and nausea.

It may also improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase strength and flexibility during childbirth. The best part? With the right video, you won’t even need to leave the house.

Healthline gathered the year’s best prenatal yoga videos so you can enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of your own home.

Consult your doctor, then choose a video to get started.

This nearly 24-minute video from Pregnancy and Postpartum TV is aimed at women in their second trimester of pregnancy, but it’s safe and helpful for women at any point in their pregnancy.

It’s slow, low impact, fun, and relaxing, meant to help you reset rather than be an intense workout.

Solenn Heusaff and yoga instructor Isabel Abad Santos walk you through a quick 10-minute prenatal yoga session that’s meant to give you an easy, memorable workout you can do every day that’s safe for you and your baby. Check out more on Instagram.

This 30-minute yoga video from Naiana Yoga of Psyche Truth focuses on prenatal yoga exercises for hip opening and spinal flexibility. Check out more on her Instagram page.

Just want to do a quick session of exercises to help make it easier to breathe as your baby puts more pressure on your diaphragm and lungs?

This quick, 5-minute video from Glamrs is good for any time of day with minimal time investment required. Check out more on Instagram.

Your pelvic floor can go through some drastic changes throughout your pregnancy.

Check out this 5-minute pelvic floor and core yoga workout from Jenelle Nicole for pelvic floor exercises that are good during and after pregnancy. See more on her Instagram.

This 20-minute yoga flow routine from SarahBethYoga incorporates your baby, too, to help you be mindful of your own entire body and your baby’s body for calm, relaxation, and a release of muscle tension throughout your body. See more on Instagram.

This 24-minute prenatal yoga workout from MyKeleya is calm, slow, and relaxing.

Because most of it is done sitting or lying down, this workout is good for days when you feel exhausted or when you just simply don’t have the energy to give but still want to keep your body nourished.

This in-depth, hour-long prenatal yoga flow from Andrea Bogart of Alo Yoga covers every part of you, inside and out, focusing on opening up your mind and body to help keep you feeling calm and relaxed during your pregnancy. See more on her Instagram.

Think prenatal yoga sounds a little intimidating?

Brett Larkin and YouTuber (and prenatal yoga beginner) Channon Rose walk you through an entry-level prenatal yoga routine that can help ease you into the practice. See more of her videos on Instagram.

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