Pregnancy happens under all sorts of circumstances. Though pregnant women represent all walks of life, they experience many of the same joys and pains that come with carrying a baby.

There are over 6.1 million pregnancies per year in the United States alone. No doubt that many, if not most, of these women dealt with morning sickness, weight gain, heartburn, and great anticipation. For them, we’ve rounded up the best resources on Twitter for information, advice, and a sprinkling of new mom fun!

ACOG Pregnancy


When it comes to reliable medical information about your pregnancy, it really doesn’t get any more reputable than the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. We love the informative articles and new medical developments they share on Twitter, and the fact that they retweet useful pregnancy information from similarly reputable sites.

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American Pregnancy Association

The American Pregnancy Association is an organization that promotes pregnancy wellness and health. They offer educational and support resources, information about which you’ll find shared on their Twitter account. From pregnancy nutrition to weight gain and infertility, their feed is filled with helpful links.

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The Bump

“The Bump” is a massive repository of interesting, educational, and humorous pregnancy articles — covering everything from breast-feeding to gender roles — and you’ll find it all shared on their Twitter feed, along with inspiring photos and advice.

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Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to help women everywhere have healthy pregnancies and births. They offer great educational resources and advocacy work to make this happen. Their Twitter feed is a combination of the organization’s latest work, informative articles, and even inspirational quotes.

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Fit Pregnancy

“Fit Pregnancy” is a magazine specifically for health-conscious moms-to-be. Here, they tweet their latest articles and podcasts, as well as relevant links from around the internet. We love their focus on health and fitness, as “eating for two” doesn’t have to mean abandoning all nutritional willpower.

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“Gurgle” is a U.K.-based magazine for the modern mother. Their tweets are an excellent gateway to their latest articles on pregnancy and motherhood, as well as the adorable baby photos they share on their Instagram account. They also share some of their favorite reader tweets in the magazine, so get tweeting!

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Heidi Murkoff

Heidi Murkoff wrote the book on pregnancy — literally. The widely popular “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is her creation, and this is her Twitter account. She shares links to the book’s spinoff website, shares her own personal thoughts and advice, and retweets useful information.

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March of Dimes: New Moms Need

March of Dimes’s Pregnancy and Newborn Health Education Center is filled with useful information shared on their blog, News Moms Need. Their primary mission is to promote healthy pregnancies, so you can expect to find answers and reliable information about everything from vaccines to the Zika epidemic.

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Pregnant Chicken

We can all use some positive news and encouragement. Pregnant Chicken offers just that, plus humor and more! On Twitter, they share insights about pregnancy and motherhood from their eclectic team of writers. Find their latest content, giveaways, and more.

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Robin Elise Weiss

Robin Elise Weiss is the pregnancy expert behind Verywell’s pregnancy blog. She’s also a mother of eight, has a Ph.D. in public health, and is a doula and Lamaze educator. On her Twitter account, she shares links to her latest work, as well as updates on her efforts to promote healthy pregnancies and births.

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text4Baby is an app that sends health and safety information to expecting mothers. On their Twitter feed, you can find that same valuable content. It’s a great place to turn for the latest in pregnancy pop culture and news. You’ll find celebrity pregnancy stories, health videos, and even cute baby outfits!

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What to Expect

If you’ve ever been pregnant, or even if you haven’t, you’ve likely heard of the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Now, What to Expect is a booming parenting website and its Twitter handle has over 100,000 followers. Here you’ll find links to interesting articles, fun community projects like #BumpDay, and more.

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