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Pregnancy is an amazing time. It’s also often an overwhelming experience. Between the hormones and morning sickness, sometimes it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone. You want to hear that other women have been right there in your shoes!

Take a break and browse these pregnancy blogs. We rounded up the best of the best so that you’ll have a place to find support, camaraderie, information, and plenty of women who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Celebrity Baby Scoop

Celebrity Baby Scoop

If you obsess over celebrities, you’re in luck. From baby announcements, showers, and photo shoots to parenting styles, Celebrity Baby Scoop is bursting with all things celebrity and baby. There’s even a section dedicated to the royal family. Visit the blog.

News Moms Need

Created by the March of Dimes, New Moms Need is designed to give moms all of the information they need to have healthy pregnancies. Topics featured here include prepregnancy and prenatal care, complications, premature birth, new baby care, and the kind of hot-button issues in the news that affect moms and babies. Visit the blog.


Billed as an around-the-clock content blog for informed and educated expectant, new, and veteran parents, Bellyitch is a mix of celebrity news and parenting posts. The blog hosts giveaways and shares product reviews, fashion tips, and baby news written by editors, writers, and contributors who are also parents themselves. Visit the blog.

Cherish 365

Jennifer Borget is a journalist and mother. Cherish 365 is where she encourages others to cherish every day. It began as Baby Making Machine back in 2008, when Jennifer was debating motherhood. It has since evolved into a better representation of her current focus. Jennifer writes about family life, pregnancy, cooking for kids, home-schooling, and so much more. With prompts and tutorials designed to inspire readers into making the most of every day, this is a cheerful and positive corner of the web. Visit the blog.

Pregnant Chicken

After she “stumbled out of the newborn trenches,” Amy Morrison didn’t want anyone else to navigate that experience unguided. She launched Pregnant Chicken to help pregnant women and new parents. With a small army now behind her, she’s doing just that. Irreverent and hilarious, the blog covers it all. Visit the blog.

Fit Pregnancy

From conceiving to birth to postpartum, Fit Pregnancy contributors write about every aspect of pregnancy and motherhood. Baby names? Check. Week-by-week development and symptoms? Check. Exercise and nutrition tips, gear reviews, and celebrity baby updates? Check! For a one-stop shop, this blog has you covered. Visit the blog.

Imperfect Parent

Launched as a remedy to all the parenting sites that promoted a specific version of perfect parenting, the Imperfect Parent stands out. It’s become a gathering place for parents who want to speak freely about the really hard parts of this whole parenting thing. Here, they can swap stories that only another parent would appreciate. Bitingly funny and painfully honest, this is a place where flaws and imperfections are welcome. Visit the blog.

Cafe Mom

Committed to meeting the emotional and practical needs of every mom, Cafe Mom is sharing content with a purpose: to make you laugh, feel connected, commiserate, or give you the kind of advice you haven’t yet received. A big team of staff and contributing writers cover all the bases on parenting, entertainment, mom support, and current news.Visit the blog.

Giving Birth with Confidence

A comprehensive resource supported by Lamaze International, Giving Birth with Confidence shares useful information about pregnancy, birth, parenting, breastfeeding, and more. Parents-to-be can connect with the birth education and advocacy community to find answers and support. Visit the blog.

Project Nursery

Helping parents find the vision, tools, and products for nursery and kid-friendly design projects is the goal on Project Nursery. The blog is a hotbed of Pinterest-worthy ideas and tutorials. The advice extends to party and shower ideas, suggestions for prepping older siblings for the new baby, and diaper-changing station hacks. Visit the blog.

The Bump

Designed for first-time millennial parents, The Bump is sharing content on fertility, pregnancy, birth, and babies. With step-by-step information, current news, expert advice, and handy checklists, this is a wonderful resource for every stage of pregnancy and early motherhood. Visit the blog.

Birth Without Fear

A mother of six children (each with a unique birth experience), January Harshe began Birth Without Fear as a means of letting women know they have choices when it comes to childbirth. Today, it’s a forum for women and their families during all stages of conceiving, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Visit the blog.

Alpha Mom

Alpha Mom is helping women embrace motherhood with confidence, largely by recognizing that motherhood isn’t a natural instinct for everyone. This pregnancy and parenting resource shares nonjudgmental support and advice from parenting professionals and seasoned moms, all while celebrating the messy, magical experience of being a mom. Visit the blog.

Pregnancy & Newborn

Between pregnancy and parenting advice, product reviews, and reader-submitted birth stories, Pregnancy & Newborn has something for everyone. Check out their posts for information about baby sign language, raising a bilingual baby, painful sex after birth, and much more. Visit the blog.

Pregnancy Magazine

For all things pregnancy and baby, Pregnancy Magazine is the place to check out. From practical advice about best foods for fertility, labor and delivery, birth plans, immunizations, swaddling, and the hundreds of other topics relating to this stage in life, they’re sharing answers to it all. Visit the blog.

Verywell Family

Verywell Family shares a comprehensive overview on fertility all the way through pregnancy and parenting. No matter where you are on the journey, this site has the information you need, from trying to conceive, fertility testing and treatment, navigating breastfeeding, and more. Written by health professionals and industry experts, it’s reassuring and trustworthy content. Visit the blog.

What to Expect

Heidi Murkoff is the author of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” one of pregnancy’s great tomes. Her blog, What to Expect, is the online version of that content. Plus, there’s the added bonus of an enormous virtual community. Check out the week-by-week pregnancy countdown and hundreds of informative posts about all aspects of pregnancy and parenting. Visit the blog.

Midwife and Life

Jenny Lord is a mom of three, midwife, author, and educator. On Midwife and Life, she writes about pregnancy and parenting, sharing the stories and experiences about her own family. With product and service reviews, parenting tips and tricks, and guest posts relating to birth stories, Jenny has created a community to support new mamas through pregnancy and beyond the birth plan. Visit the blog.


The online branch of the popular U.K. magazine, Gurgle is a modern parenting brand known for its straightforward honesty. From getting pregnant to a section just for the “new mum,” Gurgle has something for everyone. Recent posts offer tips for decorating a nursery fit for a royal baby, how to identify real labor contractions, and must-have baby travel gear. Visit the blog.

My Baba

When she learned about her first pregnancy, Leonora Bamford describes feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information online. The most useful advice came from friends, families, and professionals. That’s how My Baba was born. The site exists to cut through all the extraneous information and simplify the things that should be just that — simple. From pregnancy and parenting to food and lifestyle, My Baba is bringing you the daily scoop on all the things that matter. Visit the blog.

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