Here are samples of the widgets and other elements that are currently supported on the Healthline Post publishing platform. Greatist’s widgets are shown in a different article.

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The image block is sometimes called a full width image or a body image in editorial. It can be placed anywhere in the article body; one specific use case is when it’s placed above the first line of text – then it’s called a “header image.”

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The General Standout block is Healthline’s all-purpose widget. You can view it as a “widget of widgets,” in the sense that it’s a block that can contain just about every other kind of block Post has. A few examples are below.

General Standout Block

General Standout blocks are very useful for the common need for a widget that can contain many other block types – headers, paragraphs, lists, even images (see below).

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3

Exercising your corgi

When your corgi needs exercise, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

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  • Ensure they are well fed and hydrated before starting the session.
  • Give them a full body massage beforehand and plan to repeat after.
  • Keep plenty of bacon treats on hand to ensure they have a positive association with exercise.
  • Limit sessions to 5 minutes.

The Pro-Con Widget was originally designed to summarize the positives and negatives of a treatment, practice, supplement, medication, etc. The Pro-Con block can be used with both a Pro and a Con, only a Pro, or only a Con. In any case, the Pro title gets a check-mark and the Con title gets an X.

If you have only one or the other, or don’t want the check-mark or X, other options would be General Standout block or a List block.

Pros of eating coffee beans

  • They contain antioxidants: Coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids, which may help prevent heart disease.
  • They are high in fiber.
  • They pack a big caffeine punch.

Cons of eating coffee beans

  • Coffee beans can cause heartburn in those who are sensitive to acidic foods.
  • They may increase the production of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol.
  • They can have a marked laxative effect in some people.

List block is used to input either bulleted or numbered lists. They can work well preceded by a heading, too.

A list

  • List
  • List
  • List
  • List

Slideshows were previously called “gallery” and could be used in many situations. Currently they’re mostly used for images of medical conditions, and often hidden behind a “graphic warning” slide. Do not try to use the Gallery block.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, id vim illud aeque, mel quot nostro eripuit ad, pri labore suscipit id. Omnis salutatus nec ne.

Heading is optional; It displays all caps in CMS

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, id vim illud aeque, mel quot nostro eripuit ad, pri labore suscipit id. Omnis salutatus nec neque.

Blockquote is very flexible. It can also include lists and links.

Probiotics and upset tummy

Sometimes an upset stomach can be caused by dysbiosis, an imbalance in the type or number of bacteria in your gut. Eating foods rich in probiotics, the bacteria that are good for your gut, may help correct this imbalance and reduce symptoms of gas, bloating or irregular bowel movements. Probiotic-containing foods that benefit gut health include:

Column header 1Column header 2
Row header 1Tables can have linked contentThey can have certain Unicode symbols such as ✓
Row header 2HTML lists are not currently supported• …but you can use dashes or Unicode symbols

Table without any top or left headers:

HarryI took careof it
We got no foodwe got no jobsour pets headsare falling off!
Someplace greensomeplace warma place where the beer flows
like wine, wherebeautiful people instinctively flocklike the salmonof Capistrano

Use a Custom HTML block and add the URL with an iframe class=”biodigital” code.

This is just a block you can select with pre-populated text. It should go at the top of the page of an article with affiliate links.

Healthline and our partners may receive a portion of revenues if you make a purchase using a link on this page.

The in line assessment is added in a “custom html” block. Assessment can be built directly in the block in Post, or copy pasted from a code editor.