You’re not alone, even if living with breast cancer sometimes makes it seem that way. There’s a whole world of people living with breast cancer just like you. Join host Kelsey Bucci and listen along to the BC Healthline podcast for inspiration and helpful resources.

How to get your finances in order before, during and even after a cancer diagnosis.
In this episode, we have Martin Shankman, who’s an attorney and CPA, whose practice concentrates on estate planning. Martin is here to help us feel a little less overwhelmed when it comes to being financially prepared.

Food nutrition and science is important in not only fighting cancer but preventing it.
Host Kelsey Bucci will be talking nutrition with guest Nicole Giller, who is a registered dietician who specializes in oncology nutrition. Together, they will explore healthy tips for when you’re in cancer treatments but after them as well.

Host Kelsey Bucci explores the world of nipple tattoos and scar camouflage with Tara Dunsmore.
Tara is a breast cancer survivor, nurse, and certified areola complex tattoo artist. Tara turned her own experience with reconstruction and areola tattoos into a powerful, wonderful career that helps so many people on their own breast cancer journey.