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The ability to hear enables people to comfortably interact with others and their environments. This can reduce depression and isolation in people of all ages, including children, teens, and older adults. Phonak makes hearing aids that address the needs of infants, children, teenagers, and adults.

Hearing loss is defined by severity and other factors. Phonak manufactures hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss, ranging from mild to moderate and severe to profound.

We’ll go into detail about Phonak hearing aids and provide pros and some considerations to help you determine if they’re a good fit for your hearing needs.

Phonak is a hearing aid brand that’s owned and operated by Sonova Holding AG. Sonova is a Swiss hearing care solutions company that also manufactures Unitron and Hansaton hearing aids.

Phonak manufactures hearing aids specifically geared to address all levels of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is common in older adults, and many hearing aid companies specifically gear their products to meet the needs of this age group. In contrast, Phonak manufactures hearing aids for all age groups, including infants, children, teens, and adults.

Phonak also manufactures adaptive microphones that can be used in conjunction with their hearing aids. The microphones enhance sound quality in locations that have background noise and over long distances.

Phonak pros

  • Online hearing test. Phonak offers an online hearing test that provides useful information about your hearing level for people of all ages. It’s not meant to take the place of an audiology evaluation.
  • Options for kids. Phonak has options for age groups that are often missed by other hearing aid manufacturers, such as babies, children, and teenagers.
  • Tinnitus app. Phonak has an app specifically designed to help reduce the discomfort caused by tinnitus. The app allows you to create your own library of sounds.

Phonak considerations

The process of finding, buying, and fitting Phonak hearing aids is meant to happen between you and an audiologist.

  • Cost will depend on the product and where you buy it. The Phonak website doesn’t make clear distinctions between their hearing aids. You’ll need to work with a hearing aid professional who sells Phonak products to determine which type is best for you. They also don’t mention their costs on their website. The professional you choose may determine the cost of your hearing aids.
  • Phonak works with a specific network of audiologists. In some instances, you may need to work with a new audiologist if you wish to purchase Phonak hearing aids.
  • Consider waterproofness. Some Phonak hearing aids aren’t waterproof or are water resistant and need to be removed before swimming or bathing.

All Phonak hearing aids work with the myPhonak app for Apple and Android devices. The app lets you create custom programs for crowded rooms and outdoor situations. Real-time hearing aid adjustments to sound settings can be made remotely by a hearing professional through the app.

Phonak provides some support videos to help users with the app. The Phonak distributor or hearing professionals you work with should be available to help you.

Phonak hearing aids come in at least seven neutral shades that you can match to your hair color or skin tone. Hearing aids for children and teens are available in bright colors for an individualized, bold look.

All Phonak hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity for Apple and Android devices and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. They all allow for hands-free phone calls and streaming.

For added sound and listening comfort, all Phonak hearing aids work with Roger On microphones. Some models have built-in microphone capability. Others require an additional external device.

Phonak behind-the-ear hearing aids

Naída Paradise

This behind-the-ear hearing aid is available in your choice of power level:

  • Naída P-PR for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Naída P-UP for severe to profound hearing loss

The Naída P-PR has a built-in, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery. The Naída P-UP has a 675 zinc-air battery.

Through the Phonak app, you can personalize the level of noise cancellation that works best for you in real time.

Both versions can be used with Phonak’s Roger On remote microphone, which enhances conversations in noisy places and over distances. The Roger On will be available starting in spring 2021.

A speech enhancement feature enables you to comfortably hear soft speech in close conversation or at a distance.

The Naída P-PR has a motion sensor that intuits movement and enhances your ability to hear speech while you’re walking or moving.

Naída Marvel

The Naída Marvel is a behind-the-ear hearing aid designed for people with mild to moderate or severe to profound hearing loss. They use disposable size 13 zinc batteries to operate.

These hearing aids are notable for their durability. They have an international standard water and dust rating of IP68. This means they can withstand dirt, sand, dust, and submersion underwater for 30 minutes.

Sky Marvel

The Sky Marvel behind-the-ear hearing aids are specifically designed for children. They’re tamperproof and meant to withstand children’s active lifestyles and activity levels.

These hearing aids can accommodate varying hearing loss levels. There are three models:

  • Sky M-M for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Sky M-PR for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Sky M-SP for mild to profound hearing loss

According to the manufacturer, these hearing aids use an operating system made specifically for noisy indoor classrooms and outside playgrounds.

The Sky M-PR uses a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, while the other two models use disposable batteries.

The hearing aids and hooks come in a fun array of mix and match colors.

Phonak receiver-in-canal hearing aids

Audéo Paradise

The Audéo Paradise is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid that’s designed for people with mild to profound hearing loss. There are four versions:

  • Audéo P-R
  • Audéo P-RT
  • Audéo P-312
  • Audéo P-13T

Each type enables clean, natural sound, and personalized noise cancellation.

A motion sensor provides voice assistant access through the app, as well as hands-free phone calls.

With this hearing aid, you can use Roger On microphones without the need for an additional, external receiving device. Phonak’s technology RogerDirect allows you Roger On microphones to stream directly to your hearing aids.

The P-R and P-RT versions have added features, such as tap control, motion sensor hearing, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Audéo Marvel

The Audéo Marvel is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid for people with mild to profound hearing loss. There are five versions:

  • Audéo M-312
  • Audéo M-R
  • Audéo M-312 T
  • Audéo M-13T
  • Audéo M-RT

The Audéo Marvel is a Consumer Technology Association Innovation Award 2019 honoree in the accessibility category for its Bluetooth connectivity across many devices.

Each type of Audéo Marvel hearing aid produces rich, clear sound. The M-R and M-RT have built-in, rechargeable, lithium batteries.

These hearing aids can be adjusted remotely as needed by a hearing care professional through the Phonak app.

The Audéo Marvel is available in your choice of nine shades.

Bolero Marvel

These receiver-in-canal hearing aids are for people with mild to severe hearing loss. There are two models to choose from based on your level of hearing loss.

They provide a full day of use, including streaming, without the need to recharge.

Phonak in-ear hearing aids


Lyric in-ear hearing aids are completely invisible. They’re placed directly in the ear canal by a hearing professional.

They can be worn for months at a time without removal.

The Lyric is only sold as an annual subscription. Your subscription includes 1 year’s worth of devices and servicing.

Virto Marvel

This in-ear hearing aid has several versions:

  • Virto M-312
  • Virto B-Titanium

Virto Marvel in-ear hearing aids are custom made to fit your ear anatomy.

These hearing aids incorporate all the features of Phonak’s other hearing aids.

According to the manufacturer, they simulate the brain by processing sound from both ears. By linking the left and right hearing aids, they allow for high quality sound in noisy environments, on the phone, and when you’re not facing the speaker.

They can be used with the Phonak TV Connector, a plug and play device that allows you to stream TV and movies with high quality sound.

They can distinguish between music and speech and automatically adjust to the sounds in your environment.

They can be paired with a lapel-worn microphone for use during one-to-one conversations in noisy places.

Virto-M Titanium

These are Phonak’s smallest hearing aids.

These in-ear, custom-designed hearing aids accommodate your specific hearing loss level. They’re meant for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

They automatically adjust to sound in your environment.

Phonak hearing aids and services range in price, based on the audiologist or distributor you’re working with. Users say they can be more expensive than some other brands. Their cost ranges from around $1,200 to $3,000 per hearing aid.

Lyric is sold by annual subscription only, with prices set by the distributor. Phonak estimates this cost to be comparable over time to the total spent on a pair of hearing aids, which can range from $3,000 to $6,000.

Customizable Phonak hearing aids may also be expensive.

The warranty may also vary, based on point of purchase.

Phonak has a contract with Veterans Affairs. If you’re a veteran, you may be able to use your insurance to purchase Phonak hearings aids.

Like other hearing aids, Phonak may or may not be covered by health insurance. Check your plan to determine if you’re eligible to buy Phonak hearing aids.

Original Medicare doesn’t cover Phonak hearing aids or any hearing aids. If you have a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan, it may cover some of the cost of Phonak hearing aids.

Phonak doesn’t have a standard return or replacement policy. They suggest working directly with your healthcare professional for support on refunds, returns, and replacements.

Some models, like the Lyric, have a 30-day trial period.

Phonak has an uneven reputation with customers online.

They have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, with no complaints lodged.

They have two separate Trustpilot profiles, which only have a handful of reviews. One gives them an average rating. The other gives them a poor rating. Both pages have complaints lodged, primarily about customer service.

Many mention that Phonak never responds to complaints or requests for support. Others mention problems with the hearing aids or with the app.

If you’re new to hearing aids, using Phonak’s free online hearing test is one place to start. Based on that evaluation, you can determine whether or not you wish to find an audiologist or hearing professional that sells Phonak products.

There’s a find a provider tool and interactive map you can use on the Phonak website to identify providers in your zip code.

Phonak recommends always making an in-person appointment with one of their professionals. There are online sellers of Phonak hearing aids, but not all of them may be authorized to sell these products through the manufacturer.

Phonak manufactures a wide range of hearing aids for hearing loss ranging from mild to moderate or severe to profound.

Phonak makes hearing aids specifically designed for use in babies, children, teens, and adults.

You must go through an approved Phonak distributor to buy these hearing aids. Your distributor will determine your cost, warranty, and trial period, if any.