Fast facts


  • Perlane is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that’s been available for the treatment of wrinkles since 2000. Perlane-L, a form of Perlane that contains lidocaine, was renamed Restylane Lyft 15 years later.
  • Both Perlane and Restylane Lyft contain hyaluronic acid. This active ingredient fights wrinkles by creating volume to produce smoother skin.


  • Overall, hyaluronic acid is considered safe and well-tolerated. Some side effects are possible at the site of injections, including pain, redness, and bruising.
  • Serious but rare side effects include infection, allergic reactions, and scarring.


  • Perlane should only be injected by a board-certified and experienced medical doctor.
  • These injections may be available from a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The process is relatively fast, and you don’t need to take time off work.


  • The average cost of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers is $651.
  • Your cost depends on your region, the number of injections you receive, and the brand name of the product used.


  • Results are seen almost immediately, but they aren’t permanent.
  • You may need follow-up treatments within six to nine months of your original Perlane injections.

Perlane is a type of dermal filler. It’s been used by dermatologists worldwide for the treatment of wrinkles since 2000. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its use in the United States in 2007. Its cousin product, Restylane, was approved by the FDA in 2003.

Perlane-L, a form of Perlane that also contains lidocaine, was rebranded as Restylane Lyft in 2015.

Both Perlane and Restylane Lyft contain a combination of hyaluronic acid (HA) and saline that helps to add volume to the skin.

These products are intended for adults only. Discuss the key differences between the two HA injections with your doctor to determine which is best for your needs.

Perlane and Restylane Lyft injections aren’t covered by insurance. Like other dermal fillers, these injections are considered aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average national cost for HA-based dermal fillers is $651 per treatment. The cost may vary slightly between Perlane and Restylane Lyft based on product, region, and provider.

Cost estimates for Perlane are between $550 and $650 per injection. Some consumers have reported that their average total cost for Restylane Lyft was between $350 and $2,100. You’ll want to clarify if the quote you receive from your doctor is per injection or for the total treatment. The number of injections can also affect your final bill.

You don’t need to take time off work for this procedure. However, you may consider taking some time off the day of the procedure in case you experience any redness or discomfort.

Perlane and Restylane Lyft are composed of HA, which creates a volumizing effect when mixed with water and injected into your skin. These products are also sturdy enough to prevent the breakdown of collagens and enzymes in the skin on a temporary basis.

As a result, your skin is more voluminous in the target areas, creating a smoother surface. Fine lines and wrinkles don’t disappear permanently, but you’ll likely see them reduced.

Your doctor will inject the desired HA solution into the target areas using a fine needle. The procedure isn’t meant to be painful, but you can ask your doctor to apply a topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort during the injections.

Once the injections are complete, you can leave the doctor’s office. You may go back to work the same day, depending on your level of comfort. Time off work isn’t necessary.

Perlane is primarily used for nasolabial folds on the face. These are the wrinkles that extend between the corners of your mouth and the sides of your nose. Perlane may sometimes be used for the cheeks and for lip lines, but it’s not considered an effective lip augmentation treatment.

Restylane Lyft may be used for cheek lifts. It may also be used for smaller wrinkles around the mouth or to improve the appearance of hands.

Minor side effects are common within seven days of these injections, and may include:

Perlane isn’t recommended if you have a history of:

While relatively rare, scarring and hyperpigmentation are possible. The risk is higher for those with darker skin tones.

Call your doctor if you start seeing signs of an infection, such as:

Perlane is long-lasting, but gradually wears off over time. The volumizing effects of this treatment are noticeable shortly after the initial injections. According to the manufacturer, the effects of Perlane last about six months at a time. Your doctor may recommend a follow-up treatment six to nine months after your initial injections.

No major lifestyle changes are required after this procedure. However, you’ll want to avoid sun exposure until your skin is completely healed. You may apply cold compresses as needed to reduce redness and swelling. Don’t touch your face for six hours after the injections.

Before undergoing these treatments, tell your treatment provider about any over-the-counter and prescription medications you take. This includes herbs and supplements. They may ask you to stop certain drugs and supplements that increase bleeding, such as blood thinners.

You’ll also need to stop using chemical peels, dermabrasion, and other similar procedures before your HA injections. Doing so can reduce your risk for scarring and other complications.

Give yourself enough time to fill out paperwork and other requirements by arriving early to your first appointment.

Perlane and Restylane Lyft contain HA, the most commonly used active ingredient in dermal fillers. This same active ingredient is used in the Juvéderm family of products.

As with Restylane Lyft, Juvéderm now contains the addition of lidocaine in some injections so you don’t need the extra step of a topical anesthetic before treatment.

While some reports indicate smoother results with Juvéderm, HA dermal fillers provide similar results.

Belotero is another dermal filler that contains HA. It’s used to fill moderate to severe wrinkles around the mouth and nose, but it doesn’t last as long as Juvéderm.

Perlane and Restylane Lyft injections may be available from your dermatologist, medical spa doctor, or plastic surgeon. It’s important to get these injections only from an experienced professional with a medical license. Shop around and ask to see portfolios before deciding on a treatment provider.

Never purchase dermal fillers online for self-use, as these are likely to be knockoff products.