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If your longing for a majestic schlong has you considering penis weights, there are a few things you should know before pumping iron with your peen.

They’re exactly what the name suggests: weights for your penis.

And since your penis doesn’t have hands to hold said weights, it’s up to your member to do all the heavy lifting — or hanging, in this case.

Penis weights come in a few different styles.

There are weighted cock rings you can wear on the end of your shaft just before the head.

Or weighted balls or plates that hang from the end of your shaft via a strap. Think kettlebells or weight plates like the ones you see at the gym, only smaller.

The gist is that the weight on the end of your penis creates enough resistance to gradually stretch the tendons and muscles in your shaft so you end up with a longer peen.


Gradually stretching the penis using a traction device has been shown to work, but the research is pretty limited.

Hanging weights from your penis also creates a stretching action, which in theory could work — but it’s not recommended. It may cause permanent damage.

Nope. There’s only anecdotal evidence in the way of product reviews and some questionable stories on Reddit.

But certain penile traction devices have been studied. The results show that they can stretch the penis from 1.5 to 2.5 cm when worn for 4 to 9 hours per day for several months.

However, none of these products involved hanging weights from the penis. Sorry.

It depends on what you’re after.

If you’re looking for a permanent fix, then you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to go under the knife.

Penis enlargement surgery is currently the only way to permanently increase its size.

And while we’re on the subject of surgery, here’s some food for thought: Research shows that most people who believe they need penile enhancement actually have a normal-sized penis.

If your longing for a bigger penis is sex-specific, know that how you use it is way more important than its size.

But if you want to maximize your member, there are things you can do to get bigger, harder boners.

This involves temporarily increasing blood flow to the penis for bigger erections, like with jelqing and vacuum devices (aka penis pumps).

Wearing a cock ring can also help with stronger, longer lasting erections.

Finally, if you’d be happy to just create the illusion of a bigger peen, shaving your pubes is a quick and easy fix.

There’s no clinical evidence to definitively say either way. But we do know about several possible risks that suggest otherwise.

Our call? It’s not the safest option out there.

Digging around online brought us to several articles featuring interviews with experts who warned of risks like:

  • tearing of the skin
  • nerve damage
  • bruising
  • blood clots
  • loss of sensation in the head
  • penile fracture (yes, you can break your penis)

If you look at online reviews from people who’ve used penis weights, pain, bruising, and cutting off circulation get regular mention.

Use a spotter?

But seriously though, if you’re going to use penis weights, here are some things that might help minimize some of the risk.

Do your homework

Read product reviews and talk to other people on forums who’ve used penis weights.

Getting the lowdown on a product before you use it is a good idea. Look for a product that’s easy to use and has a good track record.

Check the materials

You want to make sure that anything making contact with your penis is of good quality and safe.

This is especially important if you have allergies to materials, such as latex.

Start low

Starting with a heavy weight is a bad, bad idea. Start with a low weight. Gradually work your way up as directed by the product manufacturer.

Penis weights are meant to very gradually stretch your penile tissues. This takes several months.

Avoid sudden movements

Unlike traction devices that cradle your penis, weights just hang there, dangling where they may.

Move around too much and you could be in for a world of pain. Be still. Be very, very still when using weights to stretch your dong.

Stop if you feel pain

A little discomfort seems logical given that you’ve got something heavy hanging off your dick.

Pain, however, is a sign that you need to stop what you’re doing and give your dong a rest to avoid damage.

Keep an eye on your circulation

Stop if you notice discoloration, like redness or a bluish bruising, or feel any part of your penis going numb.

Use as directed

This is your penis, not a shelf from IKEA, so read the dang manual!

Every product has its own recommended routine. Use your device exactly as directed to help reduce your risk.

With no clinical research to go on, it’s hard to say.

What we do know for sure is that if you have a medical condition that affects the penis, like Peyronie’s disease, using a penile extender of any kind without medical supervision isn’t recommended.

You’re also better off skipping penis weights if you have circulation issues or erectile dysfunction.

Oh, you’ll know if something goes wrong down there. Here are symptoms that warrant a trip to the doctor:

Go to the nearest emergency room if you think your injury is serious, or if you experience severe symptoms that could indicate a fracture. This includes:

There’s no clinical evidence that penis weights work. Penile extension devices that do work will only give an inch at best.

Plus, some experts believe hanging weights from your penis could potentially do some serious damage.

If you still want to give penis weights a try, remember that you only get one dick. Be extremely careful, and stop at the first sign of trouble.

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