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Image source: Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Let’s be honest. How much have you “donated” to your gym over the years?

We’ve all been there (ok, most of us). It’s one thing to pay for the gym membership. It’s another thing to actually use it.

Some research suggests that the average person paying $70 or more per month for a gym membership is basically blowing what could be close to $600 in savings per year. For every week or month that you don’t use the gym, you’re basically throwing money away.

And even though exercise is known to help you fight stress, lose weight, and enhance your sex drive, there are many reasons people neglect the gym slog. Whether it’s due to busy schedules, last-minute meetings, or just boredom (treadmill, again?), less than half of the 52.9 million people in the U.S. who are members of gyms or health clubs actually go more than 100 times per year.

But a new app called POPiN may just change all that.

The app offers pay-per-minute access to gyms other than the one you currently belong to. That means you can flirt around with other gyms and routines, and discover what else could work for you. You can hop to your friend’s gym for a fun, after-work fitness regime, try a spin class, or dive into the world of yoga—all the while paying as you go.

And unlike the usual gym “donation,” POPiN makes it pretty cheap to keep yourself healthy. As the CEO, Austin Cohen, tells Fast Company, most POPiN users pay between 15 cents and 26 cent per minute. That means a 45-minute workout costs around $8. That just might be reason enough to get you back to the gym more often!

So before you lay down your next monthly payment, remember that you don’t have to donate precious dollars to the gym and workouts don’t have to be boring. There’s always something different to try. New experiences may be waiting right in front of you at your gym—or at another one. And an app that helps you make the most of every dollar plus discover cool new workouts could be worth the extra time (and muscle)! 

Allison Krupp is an American writer, editor, and ghostwriting novelist. Between wild, multicontinental adventures, she resides in Berlin, Germany. Check out her website here.