Becoming an adult is one of the greatest betrayals known to humankind, right up there with having your steak cooked well-done or your kid getting a drum set for his birthday. We rush to become adults, only to realize that the right to vote, drink, and drive is accompanied by losing your summers, doing taxes, and turning into your family’s dedicated taxi driver. Quite the price to pay.

Which is probably why as soon as we become full-fledged adults, we think wistfully of being children again. Of going back to a time when the simple prospect of eating ice cream was enough to make our whole day.

To some degree, we’re all children trapped inside adult bodies, and it’s okay to let your inner child come out to play sometimes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we can still do everything our kids do, like…

1. Spit out food you don’t like at the table

2. Put your foot in your mouth when you’re bored

3. Freak out every time your mom leaves the room

4. Stare at ceiling fans for hours

5. Give a high-five to everyone you encounter at the grocery store

6. Run after bubbles or birds

7. Press all the buttons in the elevator

8. Walk into the bathroom when someone else is in there and start a conversation

9. Go to the ice cream parlour at night in your pajamas

10. Refuse to eat your food if two items have touched each other

11. Carry your favorite toy everywhere you go

12. Summon the whole family to come see your #2

13. Dress as a superhero to go to work

(Except on Halloween, of course!)