Well, it’s spring.

That time of year we all start unpacking our shorts, unwrapping the scarves, and getting back into our summer beauty routines of pedicures, glow tans, and resistance training. Of course, if you’re a mom, you may no longer have time to indulge in a spontaneous facial or barre class.

The good news is, while motherhood cuts down on time for these treatments, baby is secretly helping you get ready with these hidden beauty boosters. From the silly to the sweet, here’s a roundup of the makeshift routines you can fit into your day to prepare for that summer glow.

1. Bolognese face mask

Complete with organic, hormone-free turkey meatball. Does not come with training spoon.

2. Bodyweight baby massage

Note: Vibrations from sleeping infants can’t be turned off.

3. The latest in plyometric pushup routines

As many reps as your trainer requires.

4. The technology rainbow arm workout

Move computer, phone, and Kindle out of reach. As many reps as your trainer requires.

5. Infrared baby monitor light treatment

Keep checking the monitor and absorbing its light every 15 minutes for the rest of the night. Just in case.

6. The Gerber juice cleanse

While chasing after toddler, occasionally pause to take gulp of leftover juice to sustain life. Try in apple, pear, and prune variety!

7. Lego foot scrub

Exfoliate those tired feet with the Legos that got lost in the carpet a week ago.

8. Diaper rash cuticle moisturizer

You may not have time for a manicure, but all these diaper creams have roughly the same ingredients, right?

9. Portable hair removal kit

Manufacturer’s note: You will not be able to choose which hairs are removed.

10. Bottle squats

As many reps as your trainer requires.

11. Stroller mountain climbers

Unlike normal mountain climbers, you’re actually climbing a mountain, only this time buried under a pile of Nub-Nubs and Organic Coconut Creamies.

12. Bedtime glow ritual

Get that natural rosy glow after an exhausting, joyful day by cuddling your little guy or gal to sleep. Lullaby not included.