1. The look on your partner’s face when the doctor tells you there are two in there. 

2. And the smell of alcohol wipes once you’ve come to after hearing the news.

3. Getting asked, “Any day now?” when you’re 26 weeks along.

4. Having 12 strangers in the delivery room with you — not including your family and friends.

5. Trying to hush one screaming baby while the other one has just fallen asleep, and attempting to utilize two white noise machines to fade the noise.

6. Having a dollar for every time someone asks, “Are they twins?” Nope, just two babies that are the same exact age, being pushed around in a double stroller.

7. Knowing that the phrase “never wake a sleeping baby” was coined by someone who doesn’t have twins.

8. How to prop two babies in their chairs to eat while eating your own lunch — on the ground.

9. When strangers at the grocery store ask you if they’re “natural.”

10. Costco.

11. Being asked if your boy/girl twins are identical. No, they are not.

12. Barely being able to hold in your laughter when a parent of an only child tells you they don’t have time to take a shower.

13. Babies crying in stereo on your video monitor.

14. The double football hold.

15. Tripping over every baby swing, bouncer, and vibrating chair you have set up in virtually every room in your house.

16. The exact amount of groceries you can fit in the basket underneath your double stroller.

17. “Crying it out” isn’t always a parenting choice, but a survival mechanism.

18. Having more baby bottles on your dish rack than plates.

19. The amount of wine you want to drink once you’ve finally gotten both babies to bed.

20. The expression “you’ve got your hands full.”