1.    You hope your child’s next field trip isn’t to the circus or zoo.

Thinking of zoo

2.    You worry that the mom coming over for the playdate won’t like almond, soy, or rice milk in her coffee.

3.    Thinking of the frightening day your child requests to eat a McDonald’s burger.

4.    Wishing your kids would stop calling their grandparents “murderers” for eating steak.

5.    The need to reassure the grandparents that your child doesn’t suffer from any vitamin deficiencies. And no, they don’t need a piece of chicken.

6.    Cringing at the price and look of vegan leather kids’ shoes because they often look hideous, are expensive, and you know you’ll have to buy them a new pair every four weeks.

7.    You feel so proud when your child tells other children, “Stop stepping on the ants! All animals are our friends!”

8.    Your child is so intrigued by the fish counter at the grocery store and says things like, “They look sad” and “Can we put them back in the ocean?”

9.    You know the accidentally vegan candy list by heart.

10.  You can’t help but laugh every time someone brings up that your son might become feminine or even grow breasts from consuming soy products.

11.  Your kid’s grandparents still don’t understand why your child vomited after being given three hot dogs at a baseball game. Note to self: Don’t let Bobby go to a baseball game with grandma and grandpa anymore.

12.  You sometimes wish there was a healthy, vegan equivalent to a happy meal.

13.  You hope your child never gets bullied for being vegan.

14.  Learning to deal with the, “Don’t you feel like you’re imposing your beliefs on your child?” questions by bluntly replying, “Aren’t you doing the same with your religion, political views, and eating habits?”

15.  You try out several different pediatricians until you find one that understands, respects, and accepts your choice to raise a vegan child.

16.  Realizing the Holy Grail is finding another vegan family with kids that are roughly the same age.

17.  You’re overjoyed when you finally find the plant-based milk your kid loves to drink. Extra vegan brownie points for an unsweetened one!

18.  Finding it easier to sometimes say that your child is allergic to dairy and eggs than to explain what a vegan diet is and why your kid is vegan for the 10th time that day.

19.  Wondering when your child becomes a teenager if they’ll only eat meat, become a butcher, and wear leather pants every day, all for the sake of rebelling.

20.  You know that vegan parenting is a learning process but you’re so happy to have a healthy, happy child that knows the true meaning of compassion.