A bedroom that worked perfectly for a little girl may seem too immature when she’s a teenager.

Ideally, a teen girl’s bedroom is stylish but functional and a true reflection of her interests. It should be a private space for her to relax, organize her clutter, complete homework and entertain friends.

We’ve gathered tips and suggestions from across the web to get you started on redesigning your teen girl’s bedroom.

Before You Begin

Image source: <a href="http://diybydesign.blogspot.com/2011/10/mood-board-for-teen-girls-room.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">diybydesign.blogspot.com/2011/10/mood-board-for-teen-girls-room.html</a>

Well before heading to the store, spend some time talking with your teen about her design preferences. She may have a definite theme already in mind, or certain colors she wants to avoid.

A mood board can be a fun project that will help you define your teen’s bedroom scheme and mood. A mood board is a collection of elements that will be incorporated in the space. These can include paint chips, fabric swatches, and images of furniture, accessories, and textiles.

Compiling them makes it easy to see what works together and what doesn’t. It becomes a visual representation of how the new space will look, which can help you save money and time as you begin the design process.


Nothing will have as much as an effect on the space as paint. It’s an inexpensive way to make a big impact.

And you aren’t limited to just the walls. Bring color into the room by painting the ceiling or elements like the headboard. Some teens will love the dramatic statement of a bold, bright color like orange, aqua, purple, or navy.

Pay attention to shade when it comes to her color choice, and be mindful of accent colors. Both factors will affect the room’s overall style. A soft purple can be sweetly romantic, while navy and white horizontal stripes suggest a nautical theme.

Pink is a classic choice for girls. Older girls who still appreciate it might enjoy a making a strong statement with a bright coral. HGTV suggests pairing bright accents in purple, green or a sunny yellow. If you’re using pink in a teenage girl’s room, keep it sophisticated and mature by using modern furniture pieces and accents.

For teens that prefer a more neutral color on the walls, try incorporating color with textiles and accessories. A single wall of wallpaper with a bold or delicate pattern can also be visually arresting without being overpowering in a smaller space.

Wall decals are another way to personalize the walls of a room, and even the blades of a ceiling fan, a window or a mirror. Decals of nature scenes, silhouettes of sporting gear or instruments, quotations and many more options are available for purchase online.

Decals are an inexpensive and temporary way to customize a room as your teenager grows. And they give you room to flex your creativity, like this DIY confetti wall.

Another temporary way to personalize a space is with Washi tape. Use it to cover outlet or light switch covers for something that’s fun, unexpected and easy to change.

Furniture and Décor

A teen girl’s bedroom will have a few staples, like a bed and a dresser or desk. For smaller spaces, look for furniture pieces that maximize space savings. Loft beds with desks or vanities built beneath them make the most of less square footage. Benches with built-in storage bins are another option that serve a dual purpose.

To avoid buying furniture, try updating the look of existing beds, bedside tables, desks and bookshelves with paint.

An unexpected color will refurbish the look of any furniture style. You can also unify different pieces in a room by using the same paint color. For example, use the same paint on a mirror frame, the back of a bookshelf, the drawers in a vanity and the base of a lamp. It will visually pull the room together.


Bright bedding and a few pillows of varying sizes can be a wonderful focal point for a teen girl’s bedroom.

Think about tying in the pattern or color of the shades, draperies, or lampshade to the bedding or throw pillows for a consistent look.

And remember that comfort is more important than style! Choose soft bedding materials and keep the heavy embroidery for accent pillows that won’t be used for sleeping.

The Takeaway

Designing a teen girl’s bedroom can be a challenge. But you’re heading in the right direction if you start with your daughter’s personal taste.

You can keep costs down by re-purposing existing furniture and giving it a fresh new look with a few coats of paint in her favorite color. Give her room to showcase special items, and let function drive your design choices first.