Before I start working on rooms in our home, I always find inspiration online. I like to come up with a theme, a color palette, and a general plan. And lastly, I get started on putting the room together.

Creating a fun, inspiring, and nurturing space for a teenage boy can be a great experience if you find the right inspiration and remember to keep it simple.

Here are some ideas that may be all the inspiration you need to get started.

1. Choose a theme.

The right theme for a teenage boy’s room will likely come from his own interests. Take a cue from your teenager. I think the best rooms for children and teens are those that incorporate something that the teenager or child loves.

If your teenage boy loves video games, sports, skateboarding, running, photography, travel, music, or anything at all, there are definitely chic ways to incorporate those interests into a bedroom. Free printable art and inexpensive decor are great ways to do just that. So, when it comes to themes, start by chatting with your teen or choose one of their interests.

Here are a few themes and rooms I love for teenage boys:


This surfing- and ocean-themed room by Less Cake More Frosting is the perfect balance of a theme, a neutral color palette with a pop of color, and simplicity. I love that the room isn’t covered top to bottom with stuff. I think an open, clean room is more inspiring, and gives the boy in the room a chance to add his own little personal elements.


If the teenage boy in your life is a sports lover, there are so many options out there. I love the idea from Houzz of using a photo of your own star athlete as art. Blow up an image and hang it above the bed. Use his old jerseys, helmets, or other sports memorabilia as decor.

Create a sports gallery wall with inspirational quotes, photos, and more. And if you’re extra ambitious and your budget allows, adding a sport court or rock climbing wall to your teenager’s room could be amazing.


Whether your child is in a marching band or rock band, many teenage boys love music. There are lots of great ways to incorporate music into a boy’s room.

From having a guitar on the wall to the words “Rock Star” spelled out in marquis lighting like this room on Newly Woodwards, music is a great theme option.


While I wouldn’t call industrial a theme, it is a style that will work well for most boys.

Industrial lighting, beds, décor, and more are readily available and are a great way to take a room to a teenage level when transitioning out of a child’s bedroom. Check out this boy’s room on Simplicity in the South for inspiration.

2. Choose a color palette.

I’ve found that most boy rooms I see online, especially rooms for teenage boys, tend to have navy in them.

Navy can be a great option when paired with green, gray, tan, and more. But consider thinking outside of the typical “boy colors” when you are putting together the teenage boy bedroom.

Sick of blue? Try these alternative colors:

  • lime green
  • orange
  • agua
  • yellow
  • red
  • wood tones
  • white

3. Take it higher with a loft bed.

Whether your teenagers are sharing a room or have their own, loft beds and bunk beds can be a great way to add more space for the teenage boy in your life.

You can add a lounging space below or a desk for doing homework at night. Either way, a loft definitely takes a room from “little boy” to teenager quickly. It also gives a teenage boy the room he needs to grow.


No matter what you choose to do, always keep the design basics in mind. Choose a color palette, a light theme, art that reflects the teenage boy in your life, and something fun. Happy decorating!

Jessica Flannigan is a Minneapolis-based freelance writer, blogger, event stylist, photographer, wife, and mother of two wildly active boys, Bodhi (4 years) and Ezra (13 months). Jessica is a home design and do-it-yourself lover. She shares her latest home improvement and event planning projects on her blog, Live the Fancy Life, and fashion finds on her boy fashion site, Oh Boy Style.