The temperature is rising, school is out, and you need to entertain the kids before they drive you completely insane. Take advantage of your summer by spending as much quality time with your family as possible. Here are some fun ideas for things you can do together.

See how many you can check off your to-do list this summer!

1. Invent a new game called “adult tag” and whoever is “it” has to clean the house, pay taxes, and make dinner.

2. Visit a fair and pay $50 to win a plush toy that you could’ve bought for $5.

3. Set up a lemonade stand and watch your kids have their first taste of work. Don’t forget to show them what taxes are by taking half their income at the end of the day.

4. Roast marshmallows over a fire and cuddle with your kids. Not because they want to, because they are stuck to you.

5. Eat corn on the cob and then have the kids play “Star Wars” with their new half-eaten lightsabers.

6. Eat half a watermelon and have a seed spitting contest. Or if your kids are like mine, a seed swallowing contest.

7. Chase an ice cream truck and explain science to your kids as they see the soft serve become liquid serve.

8. Swim at the local pool. It helps deal with the hot temperature. As a bonus, it builds your kids’ immune systems.

9. Have a water balloon war with your kids. Warn them that by doing so, they might get hit, and they might get wet. It seems obvious, but for some reason, it’s completely new information for them.

10.  Entertain the kids by burning off your eyebrows trying to light up the barbecue.

11.  Make mud pies. Then make mud laundry.

12.  Build a sandcastle at the beach and watch your kids lose their mind as the high tide comes in and destroys it.

13.  Fly a kite, followed by untangle a kite from a tree.

14.  Nap in a hammock. Then get your daily exercise by getting out of said hammock.

15.  Roll in the grass and repeat until all the dandelions are dead.

16.  Plant a garden and watch things grow. It’s like Farmville, but your neighbors won’t water your crops.

17.  Try paddle boating. Then try coming back to shore. Good luck with that!

18.  Go fishing and wonder, between consoling a kid that is sad to see the worm being eaten and saving the other from jumping off the boat and drowning, why it’s so relaxing.

19.  Go camping. Because paying money to sleep on the ground is always worth it.

20.  Go for a hike. If you get lost, this can also double as camping in the wild.

21.  Run through the sprinkler with your kids. They’ll think it’s fun; you’ll think YEAH, no baths tonight.

22.  Collect seashells and make ugly necklaces for the in laws you like the least.

23.  Catch up on your sleep by going to a baseball game.