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Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that while it’s likely the most fulfilling thing they’re doing, raising a child is not easy. And doing it alone is even harder. Even so, moms are the only head of household for 17.2 million — or about 23 percent of American children. This number has nearly tripled since the 1960s.

Navigating the myriad roles of momhood — disciplinarian, therapist, chef, maid, chauffeur, babysitter, and diaper-changer, to name a few — can be tricky. Not to mention navigating the complex emotions surrounding solo-parenting, which can be just as tricky. There’s a novelty and awkwardness for many situations, like starting to date again or introducing a new partner to your children.

While some supermoms make it look easy to balance a career and personal life with the awesome responsibility of raising another human others admit it’s exhausting. Having a sounding board or advice from those who’ve been there before can be a real help.

Luckily, single moms are in good company. A number of them have taken to blogging to build communities and share their experiences, advice, strategies, and support. Check out our top picks for the best single mom blogs of the year.

Wealthy Single Mommy

The child of a single mother and a single mother herself, Emma Johnson turned her experience reporting for the Associated Press Financial Wire into a savvy blog providing information and inspiration, as well as a sense of community, for professional single moms. Since 2012, her posts and podcast have discussed not only issues relating to money and parenting but also sex, relationship, and career issues, like balancing guilt about working too much. Her can-do spirit and expert strategies are sure to get you energized! You can also check out her book, which is out in October.

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Single Mother Ahoy

After recovering from a nervous breakdown and surviving an abusive relationship, Vicky Charles became a single mother. The blog she began in 2012 shares her outlook on parenting, lifestyle, personal development, and general interests like book reviews, crafting, and current affairs. She also curates guest posts for relevant issues, like “How Pregnancy and Motherhood Can Fuel a Woman’s Personal Ambitions.” Her frank perspective on mental well-being, along with positive feedback from the community, lends support to anyone also struggling with issues like depression.

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Single Mothers By Choice (SMC)

This community-building site encourages women to make their own choices about having and raising a child without a partnership. For single mothers and women considering single motherhood — often through donor insemination or adoption — SMC offers stories, information, and local support via a list of other single mothers in your area. Their blog, which began in 2010, is a wonderful resource for women who want to become a parent alone. They help readers through the many complicated emotional journeys of single parenthood, from why women want to be pregnant and fertility difficulties to the joys and challenges of having a child without a father.

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Working Mother Blogs: Super Single Mom

Houston-based single mom Niedria Kenny writes about health and parenting issues like healthy eating and teaching sportsmanship to children. She also shares Houston-area philanthropy, events, news, and educational opportunities. For single moms — who are always short on time — it’s a one-stop shop for parenting tips and family activities in the Houston area.

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The Successful Single Mom

While many parenting blogs focus on the actual parenting, this blog centers on the emotional health and empowerment of single moms, encouraging things like extreme self-care and taking back your sex life. Honorée Corder, a single mom and life coach, literally wrote the book on being a successful single mom when she couldn’t find one. Her blog is a terrific repository of advice for helping moms find love again, live healthy lifestyles, feel great, and build the future they want.

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Three Boys and a Mom

Rachael, a twice-divorced mom of three with a master’s degree in social work, blogs about her own personal journeys with motherhood, divorce, and spirituality. Many of her posts explore self-discovery and acceptance as well as her struggle and reflections on her experiences. If you’ve been through the heartache of divorce, you may relate to Rachael’s honest and emotional posts.

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The Middle Cinnamon Roll

Trina Dye’s goal is to share her success with punishment-free parenting as a means of cultivating her children’s “individual intellectual, physical and creative processes.” The mom of three writes about single parenting, self-care, divorce, philanthropy, relationships, family, Los Angeles, health and fitness, millennials, and strong women. She also addresses trending parenting topics like bullying and spanking. Trina’s blog is a mix of helpful, fun, genuine, and inspirational posts perfect for modern Southern California single moms.

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Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem

With the tagline “A Single Mom's Guide for Life,” this mom takes readers through her personal journey, covering a wide range of topics. From posts discussing what last name to give your baby and how to handle your child’s graduation as a single parent to faith-based inspirational posts and even her own poetry, she offers encouragement for others as she shares her experiences and opens up about her choices in becoming a single parent.

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Blissfully Exhausted Mama

Shelby Bromley is a single mom from the Midwest passionate about breastfeeding. In addition to breastfeeding advice, her posts include updates about her journey with her son Connor, product and service reviews, and giveaways. Her easy recipes and helpful shopping advice offer nice shortcuts for a busy mama.

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Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist

Claire, a Brit who describes her son as “adrenaline-fueled,” says her blog tells it like it is when it comes to single parenting. In addition to her rants and raves and parenting tips, she shares personal stories about health and offers dating advice. Check out her other posts offering DIY tips, product reviews, and giveaways. Contrary to the blog’s title, Claire also writes great positive posts, such as “The 10 Best Things About Being A Single Parent.”

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Dallas Single Mom

Heather Buen uses the changes in her life as a reinvention platform and blogs her advice to help others reinvent themselves as well. Read posts about family, travel, parenting, Dallas-area news, and other lifestyle matters (like Cinco de Mayo recipes and Dallas date night ideas). Her posts aren’t only perfect for the Dallas-area single mom, but enjoyable for any single mom.

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Epic Mommy Adventures

Natasha says it was her calling to become a mother. She also acknowledges she found motherhood the “most challenging, frustrating, fulfilling, and amazing experience,” especially as a single mom. She started her blog in 2012 in hopes of creating a sense of community and support. On her blog, she shares her experiences and the parenting advice she’s learned along the way. Natasha hits on some points definitely worthy of discussion, and suggests starting with “Yes, I’m An African-American Woman And Single Mom…but I’m More Than Just A Statistic” and “Why I Forgave My Baby Daddy...and Why You Should Too.”

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The Pepperrific Life

Pepper shares her experiences and advice on many areas of her life. From listing must-have tools for home improvement, finding family-friendly vacations, creating the perfect candy buffet, and discussing health issues, there’s something here for any single mom. Enjoy the whole blog for a little of everything, or check out her categories to find single mom advice.

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Because I Said So! And other tales (Mom2My6Pack)

With six kids, Dawn Meehan says she became an “expert in what not to do” and started her blog to share her wisdom with others. She blogs about everything: Read posts about the exotic bugs lurking around her home in Florida, DIY home maintenance, and dating tips. And she’s funny! Tag along for the adventure on her blog or find her tried-and-true advice in her books.

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