Through Healthline Parenthood, we have a platform and a responsibility to speak for those who continue to go unheard. And as a health publisher, we stand for equality and believe unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. ⁠

Is racism a parenting issue? Absolutely. And anti-racism starts at home. We all have the opportunity to help end systemic bias on the basis of race by teaching our children well. ⁠

For non-Black parents, especially: Please 1) start a dialogue with your kids about race and 2) model the behavior you want to see in them. Do this no matter how young your children are, and no matter how tough it is for you.

And if you need guidance, we’ve got materials to help you get started.

Expect more from us, too, because we commit to helping you keep that dialogue going. We also commit to amplifying the voices of Black parents and continue to share books, tools, and resources that educate you to educate the next generation. ⁠

We thank you for standing up and for speaking out—and so does my family.

—Dria Barnes, VP/GM of Healthline Parenthood