Decorations are one thing you can never have too much of at Christmas. Get your tree, tinsel, and garlands, and go to town.

Preschoolers are at the age when they are finally learning what Christmas means. They are starting to understand how fun it is to be a kid at this time of year.

They’re going to want to celebrate all month long. You can help them do that by working on simple, festive craft projects together.

1. Paper plate Christmas ornament

Paper plates are like the spork of the Christmas crafting world. They can be used to make almost everything, like this adorable ornament from Crafty Morning. A little tissue paper and glue, and it’s ready to hang on the tree.

2. Egg carton bell Christmas craft

Every time an egg carton goes in the recycling pile, it seems like it should be rescued for a craft. Except you can’t think of any. Well, Fantastic Fun and Learning has your answer. Make Christmas bells!

3. Candy cane playdough

Homemade playdough is so easy to make. And as Fireflies and Mud Pies shows, if you toss some Christmas color dyes in there and grab some holiday cookie cutters, you’ve got an easy and fun holiday craft.

4. Paper plate Christmas tree garland

Paper plates may be the ultimate craft supply. And glitter, of course. Luckily, you get both with these adorable garlands from Purely From the Heart.

5. Salt-dough ornaments

It doesn’t get much cuter than these salt-dough snowmen ornaments from the Adventures of One Crazy Lady. It just doesn’t.

6. Easy Christmas wreath for toddlers

Kids Play Box demonstrates how to make wreaths that couldn’t be any easier. All you need are paper plates, paint, glue, and pom poms. Finito!

7. Stained glass ornaments

Here’s another ornament idea from Tippytoe Crafts. But these can be hung in the window to act like stained glass for that rare December sun.

8. Paper plate snowman with lacing practice

Lacing together three paper plates to make a snowman? Genius idea, I Heart Crafty Things!

9. Yarn wrapped ornaments

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These ornaments from The Inspired Treehouse have preschool fun written (or wrapped) all over them. What kid wouldn’t love wrapping different colors of yarn around a cardboard ornament?

10. Craft stick ornaments

There had to be something you could make using craft sticks, but who knew it’d be this cute? Googly eyes, cotton balls, and pipe cleaners give you Santa and reindeer that you’ll want to prop all over the house. Great idea, Happy Hooligans.

11. Paper plate angel

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Again, your favorite paper plate. But this time, Huppie Mama uses it in angel form. And anytime you can use traces of your kids’ hands, you definitely should. Why? Because little, bitty hands. That’s why.

12. Hand print tree

Speaking of little hands, little feet are just as priceless. Pinkie for Pink came up with the idea to use your child’s footprint to make a Christmas tree. Love!

13. Icicle ornaments

Happy Hooligans came up with the kind of idea you won’t believe you haven’t done already. Icicle ornaments with pipe cleaners and beads are the kind of craft you can do quickly and easily.

Best of all, there’s little to no mess.

14. Merry Christmas lights

The blog Preschool Playbook keeps it simple. You cut out the shapes, give the kids the glitter and glue, and stand back.

15. Cereal Christmas tree

Sweet Silly Sara knows that there’s nothing a preschooler likes more than snacks. Buy some rainbow cereal and some tree cut outs, and let them go at it.

16. Drinking straw Christmas tree

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Reading Confetti has a great idea for using straws. Cut a few colorful straws into three sizes and let your kids get creative.

17. Button trees

U.K. Lass in U.S. has a fantastic craft idea. You can make these attractive tree ornaments using nothing more than some buttons and a piece of string.

18. Sugar votives

For a fun, pretty, and easy project, make pretty little votive candleholders like the ones on Shivaya Naturals. You can put them together using glue, colored sugar, or small beads.

19. Christmas pasta necklace

You can’t have a list of crafts without using some dried pasta, right? Take a hint from Be a Fun Mum and put together some necklaces, or string these together for a garland.

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