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Bringing home a baby is an exciting (and sometimes nerve-wracking) event. It can be helpful to have someone to talk to who’s been there, preparing you for the rewards, challenges, and everything in between as you wait for your baby’s arrival.

For some expecting parents, support can be found digitally. When you start looking, you’ll discover that there are plenty of voices to guide you along the way — whether you’re pregnant, adopting, undergoing fertility treatments, or figuring out life postpartum.

And the convenience factor of a podcast can’t be beat. You can easily tune in to your favorite show while out for a walk, on a drive, or curled up on the sofa. Whether you prefer to hear real-life stories from parents or factual advice from medical professionals, there’s a podcast for you.

To save you precious time, we scoured through the endless collections of pregnancy podcasts to choose the best of the best. We selected the podcasts based on their informative value as well as reviews, ratings, and recommendations.

Keep in mind that these podcasts are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be substitutes for professional medical advice. If you have any medical questions about pregnancy or birth, consult your OB-GYN, midwife, or other healthcare professional.

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Best pregnancy podcast for first time parents


Birthful offers hundreds of episodes covering a range of topics related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The show features knowledgeable professionals and new parents who discuss everything from breastfeeding to cultural ideas related to birth.

Each episode helps you to prepare for your journey into parenthood, whatever it may bring. Armed with knowledge and confidence, you can make informed choices while feeling supported and connected.

Listen to the Birthful podcast.

Best pregnancy podcast for home birth

Doing It At Home

Tune into this podcast that focuses on natural home births with midwives. You can search the hundreds of episodes to explore all aspects of a home birth so you’re better prepared for all possibilities. You may even shift your perspective on certain matters as you learn more about the birthing options.

Either way, Doing It At Home will help you to stand in your power regarding your personal choices for birth.

Listen to the Doing It At Home podcast.

Best pregnancy podcast for week-by-week information

40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast

These short weekly podcasts guide you through your pregnancy and tell you exactly what’s happening with your baby and body in a clear, concise manner.

You’ll learn how your baby is developing, what experiences to expect, and what your checkups will entail. The podcast also offers advice about breastfeeding, your birth plan, and the difference between birthing centers and hospitals. The informative, practical advice helps to alleviate any worries or fears you may have so you can move forward with confidence and excitement.

Listen to 40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast.

Best pregnancy podcast for health

Healthy Births, Happy Babies

This weekly podcast features health information from providers who specialize in prenatal care, natural childbirth, and pediatric health care. It provides information to support and empower you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Sample topics include pelvic floor health, depression, and exercise. It also discusses healing therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy.

Listen to Healthy Births, Happy Babies.

Best pregnancy podcast for LGBTQ parents

If These Ovaries Could Talk

This show is upbeat and entertaining while still tackling deeper issues such as surrogacy, sperm donation, and adoption. You’ll feel connected to a larger community and be reassured by stories of families of all makeups. The sound advice offered will help you to handle your personal, professional, and community relations with grace and ease.

Listen to If These Ovaries Could Talk.

Best pregnancy podcast for single moms

The Single Mom Podcast

This podcast is committed to empowering single mothers to become the best version of themselves so they can fully meet the demands of parenthood.

You’ll get tips, resources, and tools that help you to successfully raise a family, solo. The podcast also highlights the importance of mental health, self-care, and relationships.

Listen to The Single Mom Podcast.

Best pregnancy podcast for real pregnancy stories

The Birth Hour — A Birth Story Podcast

This podcast helps to turn any apprehension toward your birth into joyful anticipation. Listening to a diverse range of childbirth stories will allow you to relate to others.

This show explains the different birth procedures and possibilities so you can confidently prepare a birth plan. You’ll also learn how to plan for and deal with changes should they arise. Knowing that there is someone out there who had a similar experience to your own can be reassuring, therapeutic, and inspirational.

Listen to The Birth Hour — A Birth Story Podcast.

Best pregnancy podcast for natural birth

Happy Homebirth

This podcast provides all the information needed to plan a natural birth. You’ll hear honest childbirth stories from mothers, doulas, and healthcare professionals that don’t shy away from the challenges, intense emotions, and vulnerability.

This podcast aims to fully equip you with the knowledge and confidence to move through your birthing experience with competence and strength.

Listen to Happy Homebirth.

Best podcast to prepare for birth

Fear Free Childbirth + Motherhood with Alexia Leachman

This podcast helps you to transform your fears related to your birthing experience into excitement. It focuses on alleviating worries and anxieties so you can enjoy your pregnancy and birth. The podcast also features real-life birth stories and expert advice from top professionals.

You’ll learn techniques for releasing fears and developing a positive mindset that will be useful in other areas of your life.

Listen to Fear Free Childbirth + Motherhood with Alexia Leachman.

Best adoption podcast

Creating a Family: Talk About Adoption & Foster Care

Between a new podcast released weekly and an archive of hundreds of episodes, this series offers plenty of practical support, guidance, and education. The podcast features topics such as types of adoption and foster care and outlines the processes for each.

Interviews with adoption experts, physicians, and professionals address subjects such as infertility, parenting skills, and raising children with special needs.

Listen to Creating a Family: Talk About Adoption & Foster Care.

Best fertility journey podcast

The Fertility Podcast

This podcast is for you if you’re interested in hearing from people who have experienced IVF, surrogacy, and secondary infertility. The Fertility Podcast features fertility experts and professionals who discuss subjects such as miscarriage, male infertility, and mental health. Listening to the stories of others can be a source of comfort and encouragement.

Listen to The Fertility Podcast.

Best breastfeeding podcast

The Boob Group: Judgment-Free Breastfeeding Support

This podcast has over a hundred episodes offering information and support for breastfeeding. It features stories from women who share their breastfeeding triumphs and tribulations on a personal level. The show also discusses the impact of society on breastfeeding, which relates to breastfeeding in public and pumping at work.

Listen to The Boob Group: Judgment-Free Breastfeeding Support.

Best postpartum podcast

Fourth Trimester Podcast

Created by a postpartum doula, The Fourth Trimester focuses on women’s postpartum journeys. Personal stories highlight the highs and lows of motherhood while experts offer professional advice on topics such as nutrition, sleep habits, and self-care.

Hearing about the experiences of other women can help you to feel a sense of connectedness as you traverse your mothering journey.

Listen to Fourth Trimester Podcast.