If you’re expecting for the first time, you’re probably knee-deep into your research of things you’ll need once your baby arrives, from diapers and wipes to onesies and burp cloths.

It’s easy to forget accessories like a nursing night-light.

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you can assume that your baby is going to need to eat at night — at least for the first several months.

Adding a night-light to the nursery (or your own bedroom if your baby will be sleeping in there) can be beneficial for various reasons.

First, it creates a relaxing environment to help lull your baby back to sleep after a feeding.

It can also help you avoid any loud moments of clumsiness while getting situated in the dark, which means baby will (hopefully) sleep through your movements.

And having a night-light can help you more easily change your little one’s diaper or check on your sleeping baby without waking them up.

As an added bonus, it may also come in handy as a night-light in your child’s room once they’re older.

We chose the following night-lights based on:

  • affordability
  • safety
  • customer reviews
  • convenience — such as whether they come with rechargeable batteries and how long a charge lasts

Read on for our top six picks.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $15
  • $$ = $15–$30
  • $$$ = over $30

VAVA Baby Night Light VA-CL009

Price: $$

This warm and dim night-light is equipped with a touch sensor that adjusts quickly between various colors.

An added bonus is that the battery can last up to 100 hours in low-light mode, and a red LED will start blinking once it’s time to charge it. You can also set a timer so that it’ll shut off after an hour.

Hatch Rest

Price: $$$

In addition to offering light at adjustable levels and colors, this night-light also acts as a sound machine with multiple sounds. Switch between modes with simple, one-finger touch control — ideal when wrangling a baby.

Even better, all functions can be controlled by a mobile app, even when you’re not in the room.

This night-light’s sleek design will work in almost any room and can grow with your child. You can use it to help establish sleep routines with your toddlers even after they’re no longer nursing or use the alarm feature when it’s time to wake up for school.

Tiyoon SPOTFISH Baby Nursery Light

Price: $$

This rechargeable touch light stands out from others with its eye-catching blue, pink, and purple hues. The brightness levels can be adjusted and the USB port adds charging convenience.

Asani Cute Chick Night Light

Price: $$

In addition to offering an adorable design — a baby chick in an egg — this portable night-light wins the rechargeable battery game: It can run for up to 300 hours.

You can also easily adjust the brightness and dimness with touch control.

RTSU Rechargeable Touch Light

Price: $$

If you’re looking for a night-light that won’t take up precious table space, here’s an option you can stick to the wall, with a cute flower design to boot.

You can adjust the brightness level by holding your hand on it, and you can turn it off with a quick touch as well.

OREZI Unicorn Night Light

Price: $$

Another simple night-light offering a fun design, this option plugs into the wall and doesn’t require any batteries (though swapping out bulbs may be inconvenient for some people).

It’s also equipped with a smart sensor that automatically turns the light on at night or when the room is getting dim.