1. Use one crib for as long as you can (i.e., until they start batting at each other).

two twins in a crib

2. Embrace “gender-neutral” colors if you have boy/girl twins, to get the most out of those onesies.

3. Get multiple sound machines: sleep sheep, iPad, and a white noise machine.

4. Strategically place said sounds machines around their room to drown out sounds and crying.

5. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.

6. Cry it out. It’s not really a choice, or you’re going to cry it out.

7. Make sure you have two of everything in each room: diapers, burp cloths, wipes, etc.

8. Put changing stations (and diaper pails) on all floors in your house.

9. Invest in a really good breast pump and bottles.

10. Lightweight baby carriers will help you get out the door for a quick stroll or cup of coffee.

11. Get self-swinging and self-rocking chairs. Let’s face it. You can’t do everything at the same time.

12. Put a bouncy chair — or two — in the living room and near the kitchen.

13. Make sure you have an endless supply of wipes, diapers, and formula, because you’re going to run out faster than you ever imagined.

14. Try a canvas backpack instead of a diaper bag. It’s cheaper and more convenient!

15. Get an on-the-go formula dispenser for when you only have one hand to make the bottles.

16. Schedule “me time” for meditation, yoga, or anything that lets you relax and recalibrate.

17. Find a go-to twin mom you can call in the middle of the night for advice. Because most people just won’t understand.