If you’re like most parents, you’ll feel a rush of pride the first time your toddler washes his own hands or pulls on his shoes “all by himself.”

But you may start to second-guess your enjoyment in his newfound skills when he decides to display them by stripping naked in public.

For many toddlers, learning how to undress independently is an exciting step toward self-care, and one they love to display at the most inopportune moments. Why do toddlers enjoy taking their clothes off? And what should you do if your child starts acting like a little nudist?

Why Do Kids Like to Remove Clothing?

Toddlers and young children like to take their clothes off for a variety of reasons, and most of the time, the behavior is perfectly normal.

For a young toddler, dressing and undressing independently is a new skill, and like all other new skills, it’s fun to practice. If your child is just learning how to take her clothes off without help, then she might enjoy doing it for no other reason than because she can.

While this can be embarrassing for you as a parent, it’s also a reason to celebrate. Not only is it an important developmental milestone, it’s also a sign that your child could be ready to start using the potty independently!

Comfort could be another motivation for your little nudist. Toddlers sometimes find clothes scratchy or uncomfortable, and if your child dislikes tags or seams in her clothing, she might decide that it’s easier and more fun to just take it off. This is normal behavior, but if your child is extremely sensitive to clothing irritations, it could potentially be a sign of a condition like sensory processing disorder.

Another reason why your child thinks it’s more fun to be naked? Exploration. Toddlers and preschoolers are fascinated by their own bodies (as well as the bodies of other people), so there could be an element of self-exploration and exhibitionism. This fascination is normal. But, of course, you’ll need to help your child understand when it’s not appropriate.

Finally, adult reactions could be another reason your child wants to strip. If you or another adult has reacted strongly in the past when your child undressed, then he might decide he wants to try again to get the same reaction.

What’s Normal?

Undressing in public is normal until your child is old enough to care about modesty, which should happen by age 4 or 5. Self-exploration goes along with undressing, and it’s also normal for your child to want to do it in public.

In addition to taking off her own clothes, it’s normal for your toddler or preschooler to be curious about other people’s bodies. She might try to watch you while you are changing clothes, or she might try to see siblings or friends naked. Preschoolers might ask friends to undress so they can see or touch each other’s genitals. Toddlers and young preschoolers are often especially curious about women’s breasts, especially if they have a younger sibling who is breast-feeding.

What’s Not Normal?

Although undressing is normal, there are some exploratory behaviors that could be cause for concern.

If your child’s desire to undress or explore bodies seems to upset him, or if he can’t be easily distracted, that could indicate a problem. If your young child is undressing or “playing doctor” with another child who’s much older or younger, that’s also cause for concern.

How to Handle Your Kid Nudist

How should you handle it when your child wants to undress? Don’t overreact, since a big reaction from you could make your child want to try it again. Instead, calmly explain to your child that it’s okay to undress at home in private, but she needs to wear clothes in public.

And for your young toddler who isn’t yet potty trained, try putting her in one-piece pajamas to prevent her from stripping off her diaper in the middle of the night.