The day you decide that homeschooling is the way may remind you of the day you first held your baby in your arms. Same nervousness, same heart flutter that carried a flurry of questions such as: “Will I be able to do this right?” or “Will I make irreparable mistakes?”

As you’ll quickly find out, learning doesn’t apply just to kids but to parents as well in a home-learning environment. Mistakes happen and tomorrows start with “Now I know…” Every day is an opportunity to do better is no cliché. What’s the most precious thing? The time you get to spend with your children, getting to know them as they grow, learn of their passions, and guide them toward making their dreams come true.

Along the way, some of the things you’ll discover will make you laugh, some will humble you to tears, and all of them will remind you that each day of homeschooling is a white board you have the privilege to draw on. Here are some examples.

1. Pajama Day is not just one day a year, and long morning snuggles are often part of the curriculum.

2. Learning doesn’t stop when the school day is over.

3. Lineups at parks and museums are never an issue.

4. There’s no boring subject as long as you get to follow your interests.

5. Traveling and learning can happen together (also called learning on the go).

6. Desks are not a must for learning.

7. If it feels like a learning outside kind of day, it will be a learning outside day.

8. There are no sad Sunday evenings and dreadful Mondays, no separation anxiety, and no dawdling on the way to school.

9. The family dog can be part of the student body. Or the teacher, depending on the subject.

10. The living room (and beyond) is invaded by books most of the time. A lot of books, hence lots of bookshelves.

11. A whiteboard is a homeschooling family’s best friend where colors, curves, and numbers make learning fun and approachable. Bonus: It helps build awesome public speaking skills!

12. Physical education can take place at any time during the day and may include one or all of the following: fort building, climbing trees, playing fetch with the dog, swimming, or hiking.

13. Mom’s work and children’s learning can happen at the same time, in the same house. The great outcome: learning how to be supportive of each other’s endeavors.

14. There are no 20-plus Valentines to prepare on the evening of February the 13th.

15. The librarian becomes a close family friend.

16. Classroom is no room per se, but a constantly changing environment that can be the backyard, a park, pond, creek, or forest.

17. Slow learner and fast learner are not real concepts.