Let’s face it. This whole physical distancing thing can feel pretty lonely and isolating — even if your entire family is in your house with you as we speak.

And while the COVID-19 outbreak is incredibly serious, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little breather from the seriousness and get a good laugh in.

As parents, we’re trying to juggle a million and one things right now — between entertaining our children, teaching lesson plans, cooking dinners, making sure everyone washes their hands, and maybe even trying to keep up with your full-time job — life feels like a heavy load on our shoulders.

But we’re all in this together.

And to remind you that you’re not alone, we rounded up some TikToks that we’ve been watching on repeat because we need to let go of the stuff we can’t control and laugh more with our family during this indefinite quarantine. Enjoy.

When you need a reminder that you can do anything you want… except leave the house

This little one getting caught sneaking ice cream while quarantined is literally all of us

When your co-workers are suddenly… really small and cute

A PSA to stock up on Puffs next time you head to the grocery store

When you’re pretty much begging for any social interaction

This fam with the best quarantine activity idea ever

When you really want your friends to meet your newborn, but COVID-19 said no

That feeling when you thought you were fine, but you’re actually not

When you’re officially fed up with everyone in the house

But, pretty sure we can take on anything if we have enough vino

Good luck out there, parents! We’re here for you.