Whether she’s grown out of her little girl room or you’re just looking to refresh her space, a plan can make your girl bedroom design come together. Here are a few simple tips that will make her room beautiful, functional, and fun.

1. Find room for improvement.

In a study published by The Journal of Neuroscience, researchers uncovered that the more cluttered a space is, the less a person can concentrate. They mapped the brain’s responses to different visual stimuli and found that mess causes major distraction.

Does your daughter’s room need an organization overhaul?

Take a minute before dreaming up mood boards and themes to identify any problem areas that need solutions. Often, kids rooms are small and lack storage. Your daughter’s room might have other shortcomings. Write them down and brainstorm solutions before you get caught up in the aesthetics.

2. Make it functional.

Take a step back and ask yourself how your daughter uses her room.

Does she share with a younger sibling? Does she often have sleepovers? Does she read lots of books? Is she a budding artist? Could she use some closet space? You’ll want to incorporate ideas for these different needs into your plan.

Adding function to the room can be as easy as picking up a bunk bed or pullout sofa for guests. If she’s lacking closet space, a wardrobe or cubby system can help wrangle clothing and other items.

3. Zone it out.

You may also want to designate certain areas for sleep while others are more for relaxing or doing homework. Create zones for different activities by using furniture placement, rugs, curtains, and room dividers. The areas your daughter needs will depend on her activities and interests, so work together to identify them.

One big item on most kid’s lists is a space to do homework. If you don’t have much room, consider following advice from blogger Jen Jones at IHeart Organizing. She turned her kid’s closet into a super productive desk and shelving area.

4. Reuse and renew when possible.

Getting to pick out beds, bedding, curtains, rugs, and other decor is exciting. But resist dropping big bucks on all new stuff.

That boring old bed frame could be livened up with a quick coat of paint. A plain bedspread can be jazzed up with a few brightly colored throw pillows. You may even have things around you house that you could relocate to your daughter’s room.

Try saving money on the extras so you can put it toward the bigger stuff.

5. Add hints of personality.

Designer Emily Henderson suggests that the room should look like your daughter’s personality.

Choose a fresh but relatively neutral wall color to make a beautiful backdrop for pops of color and personal touches. As she grows and her interests change, you can change out accessories and evolve the design without starting from scratch.

To get ideas, ask her what colors and patterns she likes. Create some simple wall art together using an inexpensive canvas and craft paint. Hang up photos with family and friends. Overall, fill the walls with things that make her happy.

6. Get organized and stow away.

To keep the room from turning into a messy heap of clothes, toys, and other gear, incorporate cute storage pieces into your design. You can find a variety of colorful crates, boxes, shelves, trunks, and other dedicated furniture pieces like ottomans and benches that will house and conceal clutter.

Once you’ve found these pieces, work together with your daughter to designate what stuff will go in each box or bin. If you install shelving over her desk, for example, that’s a natural place for books and school supplies. A storage ottoman next to her bed might be good for blankets or stuffed animals.

Don’t forget the closet! A hanging organizer can wrangle all sorts of odds and ends.

7. Focus on DIY projects.

Giving the room some wow factor doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can beautify the space using some inexpensive materials, like leftover wallpaper, party supplies, and DIY art.

Katie Nathey at Upcycled Treasures added a bold accent wall to her office with contact paper. The project cost less than $3 and would work perfectly in a bedroom.

The best part? Your daughter could totally help you with the cutting and sticking. Plus, if she gets sick of it, you can always take it down.

8. Light it up.

You’ll want to have a good overhead light to illuminate the space.

Some people like ceiling fans for added multipurpose power. Your room might not have a light installed in the ceiling. You can quickly put together an inexpensive pendant light kit and fit it with a colorful lampshade. Don’t forget the desk and reading nook. Small lamps work well in these areas.

If your closets don’t have lights installed in them, try picking up a few of those battery-operated tap lights. You daughter will be able to find her stuff — and put it back away — much more easily.

9. Make it easy to sleep.

Another area people often neglect when designing a bedroom is window coverings. They can let light in, keep it out, and also muffle outdoor noises.

In a study published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers discovered that even dim light at night can suppress melatonin production and make it harder to fall asleep.

Help your daughter sleep better by covering her windows with blackout or room-dimming curtains. Already have window coverings you like? You can purchase blackout liners to place behind them for a similar effect.

Takeaway: Draft a Plan and Have Fun!

It’s tempting to head to the store and pick out comforters, accent pillows, and wall art. Before you indulge in all the decorative stuff, make your plan. Your little girl’s room can be both fun and functional with a little attention to detail.