Lots of great things come in boxes: jewelry, pizza, gifts, brownie mix, and… babies?

You read that correctly: babies. But hold on before you call child services! Since 1938, Finland has been providing all expectant mothers with an elegant and sturdy box filled with baby essentials: clothing, bibs, diapers, sheets, toys, and information for new parents. They call it: the Baby Box.

The box also doubles as a bed, complete with a mattress and fitted sheets that the baby can safely sleep on.

Initially launched to give all babies an equal start, it quickly became evident that the baby box also served another important purpose: lowering the country’s infant mortality rate. In the late 1930s, almost one of every 10 infants died before their first birthday. Today, Finland’s infant mortality rate is just one out of every 500 — one of the lowest in the world.

It’s no surprise, then, that the baby box is going global. In January 2016, New Jersey became the first U.S. state to make baby boxes available to all new and expecting mothers.

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But let’s be honest here, babies have had it quite easy over the last nine months, bouncing around in their own personal Jacuzzis! Moms are the ones who did the real work, creating a human from scratch while dealing with morning sickness, back pain, heartburn, bloating, stretching, hair in weird places, and all kinds of personal discomfort.

So now that our babies are happy and healthy, let’s talk about everything we’d like to get in our version of the baby box… the Mommy Box.

1. A scale that’s off by 10 pounds. We all need the head start.

2. A bag of extra hours, because there is never enough time in the day to do everything

3. Coffee that can be administered intravenously. Moms are too busy to enjoy the luxury of sipping.

4. A grandmother. Any will do, but preferably one who’s related to you. Oh, and who maybe enjoys housecleaning?

5. Mini bottles of wine, for whenever you get a break from feeding or pumping

6. A membership to Netflix so you can Netflix and Chill Pass Out

7. Dry shampoo (or a wig) for the hair you no longer have time to wash

8. Scissors to cut your hair with if the above doesn’t work

9. A box of tissues to dry your tears if even that didn’t work

10. A cleaning robot to pick up all the food that’s fallen on the floor

11. A map to all the best family-friendly bathrooms in the city

12. A coupon for a free massage or a free cleaning lady. Or even better, a coupon for a free cleaning lady who also gives massages.

13. Coconut oil. No specific reason, you’re just gonna need it at some point.

14. Food. Any kind of food. Frozen food, comfort food, healthy food, junk food, ALL THE FOOD.

15. Balloons and confetti, for the first time your baby sleeps for more than three consecutive hours (WARNING: Do not pop the balloons!)

Happy parenting!