1. The double football hold.

football player mom

2. The skill required to latch and hold one baby while you attempt to latch the other.

3. What it means to have an extra pair of hands nearby.

4. The rotating feed, the pillow prop, and the “do whatever it takes” to not drop a baby on the floor.

5. How to take up the ENTIRE couch.

6. Naptime just got easier. Both babies have finished nursing and have now fallen asleep, and you’re officially parked in your place for the next hour.

7. People will DEFINITELY see your boobs because both of them will be out at the same time, so forget that nursing cover.

8. Time-saving technique: Pump one side while you feed the other.

9. The ability to produce enough milk to feed the whole neighborhood, and then some.

10. 1 a.m. hunger pangs. Followed by 2 a.m., 3 a.m., and 4 a.m. ones. By the way, are you gonna finish that burger, honey?

11. Babies as arm rests.

12. Solemnly missing those “sitting on a park bench and breast-feeding my baby” days.

13. Rushing home to nurse because there’s no way you’re whipping out both of your ladies during brunch.