Breast-feeding full-time is one of the most challenging, fulfilling, and stressful things a new mom can do. On top of all that, she has to figure out how to negotiate doing it in public!

Personally, I stopped breast-feeding after a month due to a skimpy milk supply. While I resented people who suggested I wasn’t doing the best thing for my child by feeding them formula, I was equally perplexed by those who felt the need to shame new moms for doing something natural.

After all, when that baby starts mewing, there’s no question where the first priority is: the baby’s hunger! Yet in some cultures, it’s still taboo to see an exposed breast in public.

While some moms feel it’s more appropriate to cover up, there’s a burgeoning movement to, well, free the boob.

Below, breast-feeding moms discuss their personal experience with public breast-feeding and their hopes to make it more socially accepted.

Breast-feeding in public: What was your experience like?

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What do you think when you see another mom breast-feeding in public?

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Do you use a cover to breast-feed in public?

The takeaway

Whatever your view is on public breast-feeding, remember that every mom is doing what’s best for her and her child. Breast-feeding in public is a personal choice. When parents and neighbors support each other, everyone wins.

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