Becoming a stepmom can be challenging in some ways, but also enormously rewarding. In addition to your role as partner, you’re forging meaningful relationships with children. This can be a tricky process, and there’s no clear blueprint for success.

Finding camaraderie and support from other stepmothers, plus a bit of seasoned advice, can be helpful. We hope you find exactly that in these blogs, all of which work to educate, inspire, and empower parents as you take on their important new role.

Grady Bird Blog

Grady blogs about life, marriage, and stepmotherhood. Not only does she write about her own experiences, she’s sharing positive ways to help other stepmoms navigate the chaos. She’s a firm believer that building a happy, healthy stepfamily isn’t only possible, but necessary for everyone involved. On her blog, she features stepmom club podcasts, insightful posts, and practical advice for new and veteran stepmoms alike.


Overwhelmed stepmoms will find comfort and guidance here, along with tools and inspiration to help you overcome insecurities and discontentment. Learning that being a stepmother isn’t necessarily who you are, but rather what you do, can be a game changer, and there are multiple resources here to fully embrace that mindset.

The Inclusive Stepmom

Beth McDonough is a certified stepparent coach and founder of The Inclusive Stepmom. Her aim is to help stepmoms navigate every new challenge in a stepfamily dynamic. This blog provides actionable advice about stress management and how to strengthen the relationships within a new family, along with one-on-one coaching from Beth herself and a community of other stepmoms navigating the same daily challenges.

Blended and Black

Naja Hall is the founder of Blended and Black as well as a stepfamily coach. She recognizes that family transitions, like going through a divorce or re-coupling, can be challenging for all family members involved. It’s her aim to make these transitions as smooth and painless as possible. She also recognizes that racially blended families can have their own set of challenges. The Blended and Black blog helps provide actionable steps for strengthening the relationships within blended families.

Jamie Scrimgeour

When Jamie Scrimgeour became a stepmom to three kids over 7 years ago, her life did a complete 180. From living the single life with only herself to worry about, to living with a full house filled with new responsibilities, Jamie’s journey as a stepmom hasn’t always been easy. She started this blog as her own stepmom guidebook and has been using it to help other stepmoms ever since. On her blog you’ll find tips about how to set boundaries with your partner’s ex, advice about parenting teenage stepkids, and much more.

The Stepmom Project

The Stepmom Project is a support system created with stepmothers in mind. It’s made up of a community of stepmoms supporting each other, workshops, and books all created to help stepmoms reach whatever goals they set for themselves. On the blog, you’ll find posts about how to improve the relationship with your partner, tips for parenting stepkids, and advice on how to have difficult conversations with your blended family.

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