Becoming a stepmom can be challenging in some ways, but also enormously rewarding. In addition to your role as partner, you’re forging meaningful relationships with children. This can be a tricky process, and there’s no clear blueprint for success.

Finding camaraderie and support from other stepmoms, plus a bit of seasoned advice, can be helpful. We hope you find exactly that in these blogs, all of which work to educate, inspire, and empower parents as they take on their important new role.

Stepmom Help

Jenna Korf is a certified stepfamily coach offering a range of resources to stepmoms everywhere. On the blog, she shares practical guidance and bears witness to many of the struggles stepmoms face — think high-conflict ex-partners, feelings of isolation, even instances of depression, anxiety, and sadness. This is a great place for those looking for a little validation and a lot of support.

StepMom Magazine

StepMom Magazine understands that women whose partners have children from past relationships need support and understanding. The magazine works to foster solid couples, successful stepfamilies, and strong women. On the blog, visitors can check out excerpts from current issues with advice, help, and support, plus inspirational quotes from women who have lived through it.

Suddenly Stepmom

Gara Ann Hoke is a stepmom and a stepchild herself, and she warns visitors that she has no step-by-step guidance to happily ever after. She does share her own story of love and laughter, her family’s experiences, and the lessons learned along the way. She describes her life, her marriage, and her relationship with her stepchildren as a work in progress, and her blog is where she shares it all.

Stepmom Coach

It wasn’t long after Claudette married her husband and they blended their families that conflict set in. Everyone from the kids to the exes to the two of them as a couple was affected. Traditional therapists didn’t help, and when Claudette couldn’t find other resources, she set about building her own. On her blog, she shares the full force of her personal and professional experience in posts that are at once straightforward, validating, and actionable.

Grady Bird Blog

Grady blogs about life, marriage, and stepmotherhood. Not only does she write about her own experiences, she’s sharing positive ways to help other stepmoms navigate the chaos. She’s a firm believer that building a happy, healthy stepfamily isn’t only possible, but necessary for everyone involved. On her blog, she features stepmom club podcasts, insightful posts, and practical advice for new and veteran stepmoms alike.

Social Stepmom

Social Stepmom is a lifestyle brand designed to educate, inspire, and entertain through stories, videos, online courses, and articles. Commiserate with first-person stories, find support and camaraderie in the community, or get started in the “OMG – Help Me!” section, which covers all of the important things every stepmom should know.


Overwhelmed stepmoms will find comfort and guidance here, along with the tools and inspiration they need to overcome insecurities and discontentment. Learning that being a stepmother isn’t necessarily who you are, but rather what you do, can be a game changer, and there are multiple resources here to fully embrace that mindset.

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Jessica Timmons has been a writer and editor for more than 10 years. She writes, edits, and consults for a great group of steady and growing clients as a work-at-home mom of four, squeezing in a side gig as a fitness co-director for a martial arts academy.