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Quick look at the best potty training pants

Depending on who you talk to, potty training is either a breeze that can be completed in as little as a weekend or a stressful prolonged stage that many parents are happy to see end.

Regardless of your experience with toilet training, there’s one question that many parents face: when to transition your growing tot from diapers to potty training pants. So, we took a deep dive into the world of big kid undies to create a guide that outlines some of the best options, depending on your needs.

Don’t be fooled by the name, potty training pants are essentially underwear, but they’re transitional underwear designed to catch potty accidents.

While cloth versions aren’t as absorbent as a diaper, they still provide a better barrier than traditional underwear if your child doesn’t make it to the potty in time or doesn’t yet understand bodily cues that indicate it’s time to go.

As you shop for potty training pants, there are a few key features to keep in mind.


Of course, you want whatever’s touching your toddler’s body to be soft and gentle so that it won’t encourage a rash or discomfort. Many feel it is best to prioritize natural materials.

For reusable pants made from cotton, keep in mind that they’re not as absorbent, so your child will notice if they’re wet or have poop in the pants. For some kids, that’s a good thing, and for others, it’s just a mess.

Disposable training pants tend to be very similar in absorbency to traditional diapers which can make some children less aware when they’ve wet their pants. But if your child already has some idea of when they need to use the potty, they might not need the same tactile cues.

Disposable vs. reusable

Depending on your preference, there’s a benefit and a risk to each.

Disposable potty training pants give you the same ease of use as a disposable diaper. However, as we mentioned, because they’re nearly identical in sensation to diapers, some children don’t necessarily notice when they’ve wet their pants.

In contrast, reusable cloth training pants can eliminate repetitive expenses since you’re simply washing the pants with the laundry as opposed to buying more training pants when your child soils them.

And many parents note that using washable training pants helps encourage their child to learn bodily cues that it’s time to go potty.


Many training pants are designed with enhanced absorbency in specific locations depending on whether the pants are made for boys or girls. While this isn’t a requirement, it’s a nice feature since it may reduce leakage.

Likewise, if you’re promoting the idea of wearing “big kid” undies, training pants with fun designs on them can be a great transitional step to get them on board before your child graduates to real underwear.

We specifically chose a range of disposable and reusable diapers, while also focusing on the materials to help ensure that they were friendly to your toddler’s skin. But we also considered the design, and of course, we looked at reviews from parents just like you!

Pricing guide

Note that training pants come in multi-packs — after all, as they’re training, your toddler will go through them! The price ranges listed below are for the total price of the training pants pack, not a per pant price.

  • $ = under $20
  • $$ = $20–$30
  • $$$ = over $30

Best overall potty training pants

Big Elephant Potty Training Pants

Price: $$

The Big Elephant Potty Training Pants are a fan favorite. Parents love how these pants are relatively absorbent but don’t entirely mimic traditional diapers, which could make potty training more challenging.

You’ll get six layers of absorbent cotton that help to contain accidents. But they look exactly like real underwear, which makes the transition to real undies so much easier. These pants are machine washable with a covered elastic band for comfort.

Best overnight potty training pants

Skhls Absorbent Potty Training Pants

Price: $

If your child is no longer wearing diapers but isn’t getting up to potty in the middle of the night, you likely want a pair of training pants that can handle any potential overnight accidents. These contain a plastic inner layer that helps to contain accidents better than traditional reusable training pants.

The Skhls Absorbent Potty Training Pants are a favorite among parents who found that disposable training pants weren’t effective for actually teaching their children to use the potty.

While these are available in sizes from 2T to 6T, some parents noted that it’s best to size down if your child is between sizes since these training pants have roomy leg holes.

Best disposable potty training pants

Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf Training Pants

Price: $$$

For parents that prefer the ease of disposable training pants, the Pull-Ups New Leaf Training Pants are a great choice.

These come with cute designs and are available in sizes from 2T to 5T. With 76 in a package, they’re a pricier option — especially if it takes time for your tot to get the hang of going to the potty.

Still, these training pants are made from plant-based ingredients and are made to be soft with an adjustable waistband. Huggies says you’ll get up to 12 hours of leak protection, which also makes them ideal for overnight use, or even long car trips.

And even if you want your kiddo to get used to bathroom cues, you’ll appreciate that the design fades when wet so that you or your toddler understands that they’ve gone potty — even by accident.

Best cloth potty training pants

MooMoo Baby Cotton Training Pants

Price: $

Many parents are concerned that cloth potty training pants may not be as absorbent as disposable ones. While they don’t mimic disposable diapers as with disposable training pants, these MooMoo Baby Cotton Training Pants are absorbent enough to catch accidents and leaks.

These pants are made with muslin panels and an absorbent interlining. However, the brand recommends that these are better for summer because of the lighter material.

Parents like the stretchy waistband and leg holes as well as the variety of patterns. The sizes range from as small as 12 months up to a 6T.

Best eco-friendly potty training pants

Lamaze Organic Cotton Training Pants

Price: $

For families concerned about their impact on the environment and society at large, the Lamaze Organic Cotton Training Pants are a great option. They are made from sustainably-sourced cotton and are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified so you know they’re ethically produced.

While you only get four pairs of underwear in a pack, you’ll like that these are chemical-free and unlikely to irritate your toddler’s skin. We appreciate that this set of training underwear is available in sizes as small as 9 months up to 5T.

Best potty training pants for daytime

Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Training Underwear

Price: $$

Once they start to get the hang of potty training, most children are better at remembering to go during the day. And in that case, you might not need the thickest pair of training pants.

The Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson training pants are a great solution if you want a slimmer pair of undies during the day. This three-pack is made from 100 percent cotton which is OEKO-TEX certified to be free from over 100 harmful chemicals.

Parents like the low profile look that mimics traditional underwear. However, many parents noted that these tend to run small. It’s a good idea to size up so that little ones won’t struggle to get the waistband down when it’s time to go.

Best potty training pant for little hands

Gerber Training Pants

Price: $

If you’re looking for a pair of training underwear that your toddler can master when using the potty at day care or with a sitter, then these Gerber Training Pants are a great pick. The four-pack features cute and colorful designs while also being an effective transitional choice as you potty train your little tyke.

These pants are made from 100 percent cotton and have an absorbent interlining. The elastic waistband is covered and is also easy for little hands to pull up or down.

Best character potty training pant

DC Comics Baby Justice League Potty Training Pants

Price: $

Superheroes to the rescue with these DC Comics training pants! If you have a child who’s obsessed with Superman, Batman, the Flash, and the Green Lantern, these undies are a great choice.

These training pants are made from 100 percent cotton and feature vibrant prints with their favorite superhero’s logo. We like that these pants come with a potty training chart so you and your little one can keep track of their progress.

These pants are available in sizes from 2T to 4T. However, many parents noted in their reviews that they tend to run a bit big.

Best patterns on a potty training pant

Joyo Roy Baby Potty Training Underwear

Price: $$

Cute whimsical prints help to make the Joyo Roy Toddler Underwear feel real. You’ll appreciate that these are designed to be colorfast so that they won’t fade in the wash.

The durable underwear is made from 100 percent cotton and features an absorbent multi-layer interior to help catch leaks and accidents. We like that these come in six-packs, which makes them a smart economical choice. While the brand recommends line-drying, some parents noted that they were able to put them in the dryer with no shrinkage issues.

Best potty training pant for sensitive skin

The Honest Company Training Pants

Price: $$$

For the most part, we’ve focused on reusable training pants. But these are a great alternative option for parents that prefer disposable training pants while ensuring that the material is gentle for sensitive skin.

Available in sizes from 2T to 5T, these training pants have a liquid-locking core and a moisture barrier cuff to prevent accidents from escaping. But we also like that these pants are made from plant-based materials and sustainably harvested fluff pulp.