Nearly 4 million babies are born in the United States each year. From changing diapers to cleaning spitup, each one of these little bundles of joy is likely to bring immeasurable love — and a sprinkling of stress — into the families they’ve joined.

Becoming a parent is something we’re built for, but that doesn’t mean it comes easy. Some people say it’s the “hardest job you’ll ever have,” and they’re right. But it’s also the most rewarding. We’ve rounded up the best Twitter accounts for parents to follow, for equal parts humor, education, and support.



Parenting isn’t a glamorous job, and Babble promises to guide you through all of it — “the good, the bad, and the sticky.” Though it’s owned by Disney, Babble’s tweets don’t all come from fairyland. Along with funny gifs and memes, they cover real parenting topics and challenges, like postpartum depression and single parenting.

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Caryn Bailey

Caryn Bailey is the mom blogger behind Rockin Mama. She began blogging as a way to share her son’s first year in the world, but the posts kept coming. Her blog and Twitter feed are an awesome combination of food, crafts, travel, and entertainment relevant to motherhood.

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Channel Mum

Channel Mum began as a YouTube community of mom video bloggers who shared their experiences, laughs, and struggles with one another. That community is booming, as is evident from all the shares on this Twitter feed. If you prefer getting your parenting tips in video form, this is, without a doubt, the community for you, with self-care posts, funny stories, and more.

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Dr. Laura Markham

As an author, mom, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura Markham wears many hats. But in each of her roles, parenting is central. Her Twitter account is where you’ll find links to the most recent posts from her website, Aha! Parenting. You’ll also see inspirational quotes and links to other prominent parenting blogs.

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Emelia Cellura

Some moms seem to do it all. Emelia Cellura is a runner, traveler, and mom, and her tweets are always filled with fun and adventure! She shares photos and reflections, along with advice-filled articles and travel tips.

Follow her @halfcrazymama

Family Talk

For many, faith is the foundation of their parenting style. Family Talk is a great Twitter account for those who try to live according to Christian principles. A project of Dr. James Dobson, Family Talk included a podcast and website, and this Twitter account is where they share their latest work. You’ll find Bible verses, links to the latest broadcasts, and inspirational memes.

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Gamers, tech nerds, moms? Geek Mom is the place for parents who love technology, toys, and getting their hands on the latest stuff! They share reviews and sales on things like tablets, printers, games, and even the occasional robot. If you’re a nerdy family and proud of it, this would be a great place to find the next fun family toy or even holiday gift.

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KidsHealth, and the organization behind it, are dedicated to providing reliable health information specific to children. Their Twitter account has an impressive following, with over 240,000 followers. We like that they share both links to their website and retweets from other great health sources.

Follow them @KidsHealth

Modern Parent Messy Kid

Looking for practical ways to manage your household and be a better parent? Modern Parent Messy Kid can help. The blog and Twitter feed are operated by Stephanie, a mom to three, who thrives on providing inspiration to other parents. She shares great recipes, photos of her kids, and links to the latest blog content. We really like her practical tips and simple but effective ideas.

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Parents often hold themselves to unrealistic standards. The fact is that parenting is hard and messy. Mommyish posts honest articles and thoughts about the “imperfect” job of parenting. We love that they intersperse news and helpful articles with fun giveaways.

Follow them @mommyishdotcom

Moms at Work

Balancing work and home life can be tough. Moms at Work is a blog and Twitter account that reminds you that you’re one of many parents who are spinning multiple plates. The blog, which belongs to the “Orlando Sentinel,” shares parenting stories and news, like the latest on college loans and how being a mom can affect how you do your job.

Follow them @momsatwork is a website dedicated to helping families save money on the things they buy every day, and those they have to save up for. Their Twitter feed is a must-have resource for budget-conscious moms and dads. If you like giveaways, coupons, and sales, you don’t want to miss out.

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Nicole Feliciano

Nicole Feliciano left her job at Ralph Lauren to start a parenting blog, which eventually grew into MomTrends. On Twitter, she shares her latest articles, product recommendations, and adventures from across the country, like a recent appearance on “Good Morning America.”

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On Twitter, “Parenting” magazine shares links to its informative articles on everything from breast-feeding and child behavior to kid-friendly recipes and lighthearted parenting stories. They also share heartwarming quotes about raising kids, tips and ideas for fun-filled weekends, and more.

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Parenting is a journey, so it always helps to have a “map”! ParentMap guides you through everything from infanthood to college, with ideas for travel and weekend activities, movie reviews, and even serious topics like how to talk to your children about racism.

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Sally Kuzemchak

Some of the most difficult aspects of parenting are what goes on in the kitchen and at the dining table. Kids are hard to feed. They can be picky, and the things they like often aren’t the best things for them. Well, Sally Kuzemchak is here to help. She’s a registered dietician and writer who focuses on “Real Mom Nutrition.” Great recipes abound on her Twitter feed, with foods that are delicious no matter your age.

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Sassy Modern Mom

With everyone so plugged in these days, it can be hard for families to take a break, let alone take a break and actually get away from it all. Sassy Modern Mom, Stephanie, helps show how to make that possible. She blogs and Tweets about her adventures in suburbia and around the world. She’s a mom travel blogger, and we love that her posts share great ways to kick back and unwind, whether in your backyard or in a faraway locale.

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Savvy Sassy Moms

Motherhood isn’t all changing diapers and cleaning spitup. Moms want to look (and feel) fashionable, provide their kids with nutritious and appealing meals, and have time and energy left to travel and have fun. Savvy Sassy Moms is plugged into these desires and provides great content to help moms achieve them. They share crafting ideas alongside fashion tips, and show that the uniform of motherhood doesn’t always have to be yoga pants and a food-stained T-shirt.

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