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Sometimes, when you have a child, it can seem like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You want to make sure they’re safe 24/7, but you also know you can’t always be physically present. So, what’s a parent to do?

For many, the answer lies in video cameras. When strategically placed around your home, nanny cams can allow you to watch what’s happening when you’re not there.

Want to know more? Look no further. We’ve got all the info you need, as well as a list of some of our standout favorites.

Some reasons you may want to use a nanny camera include:

  • Your child is having health issues and you want to check on them.
  • You’re trying out a new nanny you haven’t established a relationship with yet.
  • You need a baby monitor — many nanny cameras can also perform this function!

If you’re worried about what’s going on when you’re not physically present, a nanny camera might help bring you peace of mind.

When deciding on the perfect nanny camera, you’ll want to take into account things like:

  • picture clarity
  • how much space the lens will allow you to view
  • if it relies on Wi-Fi — and if so, whether it make use of an app, offers phone notifications for motion, or has free cloud storage of data
  • the price of the camera and the cost of any add-ons
  • speak-through and other audio options
  • whether it requires wires or batteries
  • ease of installation
  • customer service and warranty options

When considering which nanny cameras should make the cut, we took into account the specs and questions listed above. We also read a ton of reviews to see what real parents who’ve used these cameras had to say.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $50
  • $$ = $50–$100
  • $$$ = over $100

Best overall nanny camera

Google Nest Cam Indoor

Price: $$$

Key features: Easy installation, cloud recording, 24/7 livestream over Wi-Fi, two-way audio, and an app for your phone or tablet — if you’re looking for a camera that checks a lot of boxes and offers 130 degrees of live picture, the Nest Cam Indoor takes the cake.

Its livestream features save up to 30 days of continual footage, plus the camera can be trained to use facial recognition. Parents say that it can easily transition from a security camera, to a baby monitor, to a nanny cam.

Considerations: The Nest Cam Indoor is a plug-in model, so you’ll need to make sure you’re OK with wires before investing in it. It’s also the priciest camera on this list.

Best budget-friendly nanny camera

Wyze Cam Pan

Price: $

Key features: If you’re looking for a camera that does it all without the sticker shock, this is a great option. The Wyze Cam Pan is packed with features and includes a companion app.

This option allows you to tilt 93 degrees vertically, pan 360 degrees horizontally, and zoom. The app lets you set the camera to automatically monitor the room in preset modes; the camera offers HD livestream, two-way audio, and night vision.

This camera records 12-second video clips when motion is detected, and these clips are saved to the cloud for 14 days. Alternatively, you can record continuously to a micro SD card (sold separately).

Considerations: While it’s not the most difficult camera to install, it does have wires, which aren’t for everyone.

Blink Indoor

Price: $$

Key features: If easy setup and a wireless design are priorities for you, the Blink Indoor fits the bill. This camera can prop up basically anywhere in your home and run for up to 2 years on two AA batteries.

From a security standpoint, this camera offers motion detection that communicates with the Blink app whenever movement occurs (don’t worry — you can customize the notifications you get so you’re not overwhelmed). It’s also Alexa-compatible, so you can control your camera with your voice.

Considerations: Some parents complained about a bit of a lag with the video. Folks also warn that you can only view 20 seconds of live footage at a time before being prompted to click “continue.”

Another option is the Blink Mini, which has two-way communication but does require you to plug it in. However, it’s slighly less expensive, so if you’re hoping to also use your camera as a baby monitor, it might be worth considering!

Best nanny camera with audio

Ring Indoor Cam

Price: $$

Key features: Another camera that’s easy to set up, this option uses Wi-Fi and can sit freestanding or can be installed to a wall (it needs to be plugged in, though). Using HD live view, you can check on your home — and you can even see, speak to, and hear people in your home through your phone, tablet, or Echo device.

The camera pans 115 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. Plus, if you have several areas you’d like to keep an eye on at the same time, you can connect multiple Ring cameras to your Ring app.

Considerations: There’s a Ring Protect Plan, which allows you to save video and photos, but it’s sold separately.

Best multiuse nanny camera

Logitech Circle 2 Wireless

Price: $$

Key features: Easy to install and wireless, this camera connects to Wi-Fi and works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a 180-degree wide angle, night vision, and two-way audio. All the information gathered is stored for 24 hours in a free personal cloud with bank-level encryption.

Considerations: This camera claims to conserve battery life by operating in low-power mode until it detects motion, but some reviewers still complained that the batteries drained quickly. You can also pay for some additional features, like extra cloud storage, but those can add up.

BrandPriceWireless?Two-way audio?Camera resolution
Google Nest Cam Indoor$$$NoYes1080p full HD
Wyze Cam Pan$NoYes1080p full HD
Blink Indoor$$YesNo720p full HD
Ring Indoor Cam$$NoYes1080p full HD
Logitech Circle 2 Wireless$$YesYes1080p full HD

As a parent who’s concerned about their small child, you may feel you want to keep any eye on them even when you can’t be there. A nanny camera can provide the extra set of eyes you crave!

It’s important to think through your desires (as well as your budget) before heading to the store. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we hope our choices for best nanny cameras can give you a place to start your search.

One final note: Whatever nanny camera you choose, you’ll want to make sure that it’s used in compliance with any applicable state laws. Check if your state has any rules about locations of cameras or recording audio — and always let your child’s caretaker know there’s a camera in the house.