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As many as 6 million American children have a parent who is part of the LGBT community. These children experience all the love that family can bring, and their parents get all of the joy that comes with having kids running around the house, along with the unique challenges of being an LGBT parent.

There are a growing number of blogs online bringing visibility and support to the community, offering advice, support, and lots of cute pictures of LGBT families! Check them out below.

Gay Parent Magazine’s Blog

Gay Parent Magazine has been a staple in the community since 1998. Their blog not only shares content from the pages of the print version, but also stories and posts you won’t find anywhere else. There are videos and touching family photos. A recent post profiled the newly adopted son of a single lesbian mom, complete with photos of him holding his “welcome home” adoption signs.

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Mombian is a blog dedicated to lesbian mothers. It’s been around since 2005, so if you’re just finding out about it, you’ve got plenty of catching up to do! The blog is updated several times each week with current events, personal stories, and information about events and the latest political happenings affecting LGBTQ families.

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Adventurous Moms

Adventurous Moms is the travel and parenting blog written by Kendra about her adventures with her wife and their three children. The couple began their engagement on a European trip and have been living the adventurous life together ever since. Now, with kids in tow, they do spend a lot of time at home, too! On the blog, you can read about everything from their kids’ latest play dates to their reflections on recent events in the political world. You’ll even occasionally find a good product recommendation, like the best mittens for kids who love to play in the snow all winter.

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2 Travel Dads

Chris and Rob loved traveling together before they had their two sons, but their favorite pastime didn’t change when their family grew. On their blog, they chronicle their journeys across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, sharing stunning photos and helpful recommendations. Recently, the family went camping, renting a Campervan to explore the Everglades.

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Kate and Sharon are a Brighton-based couple who met in 2006 and welcomed their son, “Beansprout,” in 2014. We love their family photos and chronicles of raising a typical, rambunctious toddler. Kate, who does most of the blogging here, also shares product reviews to assist other parents as they navigate the toys and tools of toddlerhood.

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Raising a Go Girl!

Allison Kenny and her wife, Lynn, welcomed their 6-year-old daughter “Squirrel” into their life in 2014, adopting her soon after. The moms had tried to get pregnant for a decade before finding their daughter through the fostering and adoption process. On the blog, you can read about their fun and joyful life together. The moms also teach young girls to keep themselves safe and confident through their Go Girl! Camp, making their blog especially useful for parents with daughters.

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Meet the Wildes

Londoners Amber and Kirsty are mothers to two sets of twins — a pair of boys, born in October 2014, and a pair of girls, born in July 2016. Now, the family of seven (including the dog) spend their time exploring, playing, living, and taking amazing family photographs. We loved a recent post where Amber talks about her changing pregnant and postpartum body, which featured some stunning black and white shots.

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Gay NYC Dad

Gay NYC Dad is a stay-at-home dad and blogger with one adopted son. He and his partner have been together for over 24 years. The blog covers everything from celebrities and entertainment to adoption and travel. It also features countless product reviews and giveaways. Most recently, he’s given away Guardians of the Galaxy action figures, a Fandango gift card, and an Old Navy gift card. So, if you’re into winning things while reading great content, this is a good blog for you!

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Gay Parenting Voices

Having a baby isn’t always a cut-and-dry situation for gay couples. There are numerous options to consider, including adoption and surrogacy, for example. At Gay Parents to Be and their blog, Gay Parenting Voices, folks can read about some of their options, as well as access useful tools for financial planning and legal counsel. For LGBT people, this blog is a one stop shop for learning about becoming a parent.

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Proud Parenting

Interested in news and current events affecting the LGBT parenting community? Proud Parenting is a great place to find it. There, you can read about the latest in legislation, activism, and more. But the site isn’t all so serious; there is also a section for people to share their fun family photos!

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My Two Mums

The bloggers behind My Two Mums are Kirsty and Clara, mothers of one boy, whom they affectionately refer to as “Monkey” on the blog. They write about their family, of course, but also crafts, current events, and so much more. Recently, they welcome a new family member to the fold — Bo, a Cockapoo puppy!

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The Next Family

Brandy and Susan live in Los Angeles with their three children. They run both The Next Family blog and YouTube channel, both of which have considerable followings. The blog highlights inspiring family stories, parenting advice, and episodes from their YouTube channel, where the couple discusses parenting, current events, activism, and life in general.

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Human Rights Campaign: Parenting

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is a civil rights organization dedicated to fighting for LGBT rights. Their blog is a popular and extensive resource, with many posts specific to parenting. We love that such a busy organization takes the time to update their blog with relevant and engaging posts for LGBT parents. There are current events, educational posts, and how-tos. We particularly like a recent post highlighting how parents can support their transgender children.

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The Gayby Project

The Gayby Project is the story of two women, their journey to motherhood, and their struggles with infertility. Most recently, the two turned to a sperm donor in November, 2016, to have a second child. Just one month later, they received their positive pregnancy test and are expecting their baby in September 2017. Watching this family grow before your eyes is a joyful experience indeed.

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Designer Daddy

Brent Almond is an illustrator, husband, and father of one, and his blog is an exploration in creativity. You can read about his family and experiences as a gay father, as well as about pop culture, superheroes, and the arts. We love that Brent knows how to have fun. Case in point: He recently posted about pairing cocktails with board games for a fun-filled family game night.

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Family Is About Love

On their blog, this Toronto family gives you an open invitation into their life. The couple met in 2007 and soon after attended a class on parenting together — both knew they wanted to be dads, but didn’t know where to begin. Fast-forward to 2014, when their son was born through a surrogate. Milo is now growing up under the watchful eyes of his loving fathers and the many blog followers that have come to know them. Most of the posts are very open and candid, covering their parenting fears, how they manage having different faiths, and more.

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Slap Dash Mom

Sadie is a Slap Dash Mom, blogging from Arizona where she lives with her wife and family. On her blog, you’ll find a ton of information on working from home and how to make money without leaving the house. You’ll also find delicious recipes, crafts, and parenting tips, like how to talk to your kids about money and how to keep tabs on what they’re doing on their phones.

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The Family Room Blog

The Family Room Blog is the official blog of the Family Equality Council, an organization that aims to support and inspire LGBTQ parents. The blog is a great resource for information on how current events are affecting families. It also features podcasts recounting personal stories and more. We really love their foster care stories, heartwarming tales of families coming together through the foster care system.

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Two Moms to Be

As the title implies, this blog got started some time before couple Jen and Allison had any children. Now, they have two, born in 2011 and 2012. The couple began dating in 2001, and had a long-distance relationship for seven years before marrying. It would be another full year before they’d live together; with one in Canada and another in the United States, cohabitating took some time. Their two children, Bean and Sprout, are well-loved, and it shows in their glowing smiles. The blog features posts about both the joys and the struggles of parenting.

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