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If you’re shopping for a jogging stroller, chances are you’re looking to stay active while you’re out and about with your little ones in tow. Cheers to you!

Jogging strollers make it easier than ever for parents to enjoy a long, leisurely jog (or a powerful sprint, if that’s your thing).

But if you have two little ones accompanying you on your workout, you’ll need a double jogging stroller — and it can be tricky to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget and has all the bells and whistles you need.

When shopping for a double jogging stroller, it’s important to do your research so you know which features you’ll rely on most.

Of course, safety is of top priority, so it’s important to understand the critical features that make the double stroller protective, such as a 5-point harness and secure buckles that are easy to snap into place.

Other things to consider is the weight of the stroller. Jogging with two in tow will naturally weigh more than jogging with one, so it’s even more important to factor in the weight of the stroller alone before purchasing.

You’ll also want to consider how much weight the stroller can support so you can estimate how much use you’ll get out of the stroller before your children outgrow it.

The brakes are also essential. They should work well and easily so that you have no trouble coming to a halt at a moment’s notice.

The parking brake should be accessible and easy to use and the stroller should come with features that make it fit for variable weather, like a shade canopy shield with ventilation and a rain cover.

For this list, we reached out to several new parents to find out what they loved most about their double jogging strollers and what features they found to be most important and useful. We also relied heavily on customer reviews.

These are the double jogging strollers that made the cut in terms of popularity, ease of use, efficiency, and overall top picks.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $200
  • $$ = $200—$350
  • $$$ = over $350

Best overall

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

Price: $$$
Dimensions: ‎36 x 32 x 14 inches
Weight limit: 100 pounds

You simply can’t go wrong with BOB — what many consider to be the best brand of jogging strollers — and if you think you’re going to put on the miles, the investment is most definitely worth it.

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex allows for the smoothest ride thanks to their innovative suspension system (similar to a mountain bike) and durable air-filled tires that turn any terrain into what feels like pavement.

It has adjustable handlebars, a no-rethread harness for easy height adjustments, 10 different storage pockets, and an extra-large cargo basket underneath for storing multiple diaper bags and more.

Parenthood editor Saralyn Ward says she loves how easily it folds down and the adjustable shade canopies that keep the sun out of the kids’ eyes during early morning and evening jogs. She also loves that there are infant car seat adapters for this stroller made for almost any brand of infant car seat.

“When my second was born, I had my 2 1/2-year-old on one side, and my newborn in her car seat on the other side. It was so convenient that this stroller became our go-to for outings of every kind,” says Ward.

Infant car seat adapters are sold separately.


  • Easy to navigate in small spaces
  • Durable tires
  • Adjustable handlebar makes for easy maneuvering


  • Stroller is heavy and can be difficult to transport
  • Tires often require frequent refilling
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Best double jogging stroller for newborns

Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger

Price: $$
Dimensions: ‎33.25 x 32.75 x 15.75 inches
Weight limit: 50 pounds

If you’re keen on fitting a car seat into your jogging stroller, this is a great choice. The Baby Trend Navigator Lite accommodates two Baby Trend infant car seats, making this travel system especially convenient for parents of twins.

It comes with all the other important bells and whistles including locking front swivel wheels, pneumatic bike tires, a parent tray with two cup holders, a large storage compartment and — get this — MP3 speakers so you can jam out on your jog.


  • Features high-quality tires
  • Compatible with infant carrier
  • Equipped with MP3 speakers


  • Handlebar is nonadjustable
  • Heavier than most jogging strollers
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Best side-by-side double jogging stroller

Joovy Zoom X2 Lightweight Performance Jogging Double Stroller

Price: $$$
Dimensions: ‎34 x 30 x 18.25 inches
Weight limit: 75 pounds

This jogging stroller lets you go the extra mile thanks to its extra-large tires that absorb shock admirably, as well as its slim design that enhances maneuverability.

It features a large storage basket that can hold up to 15 pounds, which makes it great for long hikes or day trips. Padded seats offer comfort for your kids, and its 5-point harness gives you peace of mind while you’re enjoying your jog.


  • Lightweight at only 25.7 pounds
  • Adaptable with most car seats
  • Ample leg room and storage space


  • Can be tricky to fold
  • Doesn’t easily move through small spaces
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Most affordable double jogging stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Price: $$
Dimensions: 47 x 21 x 41 inches
Weight limit:
50 pounds

You can’t beat the price of this double jogging stroller — it’s half the price of most single jogging strollers! Baby Trend did a great job designing an afforable jogging stroller that accommodates children from age 6 months all the way to 50 pounds (which is most toddlers).

It features 16-inch rear and 12-inch front all-terrain rubber bike tires, so you can enjoy a smooth ride pretty much anywhere. The locking front wheels swivel easily for quick maneuvering and the foot-activated brake system in the rear is accessible. It also features a large storage basket and comes with two cup holders.


  • Affordable
  • Folds with a one-handed move
  • Comes with all the accessories you need
  • Features quality tires


  • Isn’t as shock-absorbing as other jogging strollers
  • Some parents prefer more padding for child seats
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Most durable double jogging stroller

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller

Price: $$$
Dimensions: ‎22 x 10 x 31 inches
Weight limit:
‎75 Pounds

Hit the ground running (literally) with this impressively durable double jogging stroller. It features a patented quick-fold technology that lets you pack it away for easy storage when you’re done using it, making it a great pick for city parents.

The Summit X3 has 16-inch rear and 12-inch front air-filled tires and an all-wheel suspension system that absorbs bumps in the road so your kids (and shoulders) don’t have to. It has a hand-operated rear brake for safety and a large adjustable sun canopy to protect your precious cargo.


  • Folds easily
  • Offers handlebar-led breaking
  • Great ventilation and UPF-protected canopy


  • Not as much as storage as competitors
  • Most accessories require separate purchase
  • Not car seat compatible
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Best splurge

Thule Urban Glide 2

Price: $$$
Dimensions: ‎36.5 x 31 x 15.5 inches
Weight limit: 75 pounds

Thule is a top contender when it comes to jogging strollers of any kind, so parents were psyched when a double version of the Thule Urban Glide came out.

This three-wheel stroller features a swivel front wheel for convenient and efficient steering and maneuvering along with two larger, 16-inch back wheels plus suspension for a smooth ride no matter the terrain (we’re talking sidewalks to uphill hikes).

It has an integrated twist hand brake that gives you full control over speed and navigation while your two little ones are comfortable in their reclining and padded seats, each complete with a 5-point harness for safety.

For those who like to travel, this conveniently folds for compact storage with a one-handed move. It’s also relatively lightweight, clocking in at only 34.2 pounds.


  • Easy to maneuver on all terrains
  • Adjustable handlebar gives parents full control
  • Five-point harnesses for safety
  • Sleek, modern look
  • Folds for convenient storage or travel


  • Customer service isn’t always reliable
  • Wider than most, making it hard to maneuver in small spaces
  • More expensive than some other options
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Best for big kids

Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer Jogger

Price: $$
Dimensions: ‎‎36 x 28 x 9 inches
Weight limit: 88 pounds

If you’re someone who likes to switch off between cycling and jogging with your kiddos in tow, this is a great option that gives you the versatility to do both safely. It has a three-in-one design that converts to a bike trailer, a stroller, and a jogger, so it’s really the only piece of exercise equipment you need for your kids to tag along.

It’s equipped with all of the features parents are looking for in a jogging stroller, including a plastic cover for rain, a mesh window for ventilation, tinted side windows, and reflectors on all four sides as well as the rear wheels for added safety.

One of its strongest features is its ability to fold up flat for convenient storage and transportation. The only catch is that this requires removing a few pieces, including the handlebar, safety knobs, safety pins, and rear wheels. There is also a large storage area in the rear for keeping food, water, and personal items.


  • Easy to transport
  • Converts to a bike trailer mode
  • Has large undercarriage for storage
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Requires removing parts for storage
  • Some users complain of front wheel getting stuck
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Best Bike Trailer

Aosom Elite 2-Seat Kid Bicycle Trailer Jogger

Price: $
Dimensions: ‎‎61 x 34.75 x 42.5 inches
Weight limit: 47 pounds

The Aosom Elite 2-Seat Kid Bicycle Trailer Jogger conveniently transitions from a jogging stroller to a bike trailer, which is ideal for cycling enthusiasts and runners alike. It’s only a fraction of the price of most strollers in general, let alone jogging strollers, which is a major plus.

Like most jogging strollers, this one has a front wheel that swivels in place to allow for maximum maneuverability along with a suspension system to curb against bumps and discomfort for your pint-sized passengers. A five-point harness keeps them safe and protected along the ride and a sling-style pocket seat provides adequate comfort.

The stroller is conveniently foldable without requiring any disassembly which saves time and energy and gives peace of mind for long trips or short drives.


  • Affordable
  • Converts to a bike trailer
  • Easy assembly
  • Spacious inside


  • Only accommodates children less than 20 pounds each
  • Wheels aren’t as high quality as competitors
  • Customer service isn’t always reliable
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PriceDimensionsWeight Limit

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie$$$36 x 32 x 14 inches100 poundsYes
Baby Trend Navigator Lite$$33.25 x 32.75 x 15.75 inches50 poundsNo
Joovy Zoom X2 Lightweight Performance$$$34 x 30 x 18.25 inches75 poundsYes
Baby Trend Expedition$$47 x 21 x 41 inches50 poundsYes
Baby Jogger Summit X3$$$22 x 10 x 31 inches75 poundsYes
Thule Urban Glide 2$$$‎36.5 x 31 x 15.5 inches75 poundsYes
Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer Jogger $$‎36 x 28 x 9 inches88 poundsNo
Aosom Elite 2-Seat Kid Bicycle Trailer Jogger$61 x 34.75 x 42.5 inches47 poundsYes

Is it safe to jog while using a stroller?

According to Gary Kirkilas, MD, a pediatrician and spokesperson for The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), jogging strollers shouldn’t be used until the infant is at least 6 months of age.

“Usually by 6 months of age, infants have developed enough muscle strength and coordination to sit upright unassisted,” Kirkilas said. “This is an essential developmental milestone to achieve before using running strollers because an infant will need these skills to stay safe in a seated upright position. If they are unable to sit unassisted they will likely fall forward or suffer a whiplash injury as the stroller is moving.”

What is the difference between a jogging stroller and a regular stroller?

Jogging strollers are set apart from regular strollers for good reason — namely because they have features that make them safe to use when moving at faster speeds and maneuvering the stroller more quickly.

The biggest difference that you’ll notice in most jogging strollers when compared to regular strollers is that they tend to have three wheels — one in the front and two in the back. This allows for more efficient maneuvering and a smoother ride over rough terrain.

Most often, the front wheel can be locked into place to make it safer for running on flat surfaces and in unwinding directions.

Do you need a jogging stroller?

If you plan on jogging with your children in tow often, a jogging stroller is a worthy investment. It can be used for walks and strolls alike, so it can be quite versatile. But it’s also equipped with the right features you need for safe running.

A double jogging stroller can make a wonderful addition to your exercise equipment, especially if you enjoy getting in a workout with two kiddos in tow.

It’s important to consider the features included so that your purchase goes a long way in terms of durability, comfort, and convenience in your day-to-day life.